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My First Overland Adventure in Wyoming

I'm Tammy, many know me as Jeep Momma. I'm a loving mother, an accomplished blogger, a YouTube creator, an author, and a captivating podcast personality.

Recently, I celebrated a monumental milestone - reaching 10k subscribers on my organically grown YouTube channel, "Jeep Life with Jeep Momma," solidifying my position as a prominent figure in the Jeep community.

My purpose in life has changed over time. As I got older I struggled with finding that purpose. My Jeep has helped me to discover that purpose.  Now my purpose is to share, inspire and help others.

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I spent 14 years in the TV news industry but made the courageous decision to trade in my press pass to devote more time to raising my two young boys. However, my passion for writing and thirst for adventure remained undiminished.

With my sons entering their teenage years, I embarked on a transformative journey by trading in my minivan for a Jeep, igniting a free spirit within me. I reconnected with my love for the outdoors from my youth and immersed myself in off-roading, rekindling my joy of camping.

The birth of JeepMomma.com became the platform through which I share my explorations, self-discovery, and deep affinity for the Jeep way of life.

Today, I stand as a beacon of inspiration to thousands of followers across my various channels. My authentic voice, courageous words, and message of hope resonate profoundly, touching the hearts of those who seek empowerment and a life lived on their own terms.

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