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10 Essential Tips for Cold Weather Camping

Guide to Safe and Cozy Cold Weather Camping

Cold-weather camping requires some extra preparation to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

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Camping in the Cold

My 10 tips for cold weather camping in a tent.

As old man winter arrives it's time to break out your cold weather gear for your outdoor adventures. I have camped in the cold weather a few times. When my oldest was in the Boy Scouts I learned a lot of great tips.

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Being Prepared for Cold Weather Camping.

  1. Choose the Right Tent

    Select a four-season or winter tent designed to withstand cold and snowy conditions. These tents are typically sturdier and have less mesh to keep the warmth inside.

  2. Dispersed Camping in the Pennsylvania Woods. 

    Insulate Your Tent

  3. Add an insulating layer to the tent floor, such as a thick sleeping pad or a closed-cell foam pad. This helps prevent cold from seeping through the ground.

  4. Jeep Momma Tip: A wool blanket is a great idea for between your sleeping bag and your sleeping pad.

Quality Sleeping Bag

Invest in a high-quality sleeping bag with an appropriate temperature rating for the expected cold. Consider a mummy-style bag for better heat retention. Go to bed with clean clothes: long johns, top and bottom, clean socks and a hat. Don't over-dress.

Jeep Momma Tip: I put my next day's clothes between my sleeping bag and the wool blanket so they are warm in the morning.

  1. Layered Clothing

  2. During the day dress in layers to regulate your body temperature. Use moisture-wicking base layers to keep sweat away from your skin and add insulating layers as needed. When you start to warm up take off your top layers as you don't want to start sweating.

  1. Stay Dry

  2. Keep moisture out of your tent. Wipe off snow before entering, and make sure wet clothing is stored outside the sleeping area to prevent condensation inside the tent.

  1. Ventilation

  2. Despite the cold, proper ventilation is crucial to prevent condensation inside the tent. Leave a small opening for airflow, or use the adjustable vents in your tent. This would be the same if you slept in your Jeep.

  1. Hot Water Bottles

  2. Fill a heat-resistant water bottle with hot water and place it in your sleeping bag to add warmth during the night. Make sure it's tightly sealed to avoid leaks. I prefer hand warmers.

  1. Campsite Selection

  2. Choose a sheltered campsite away from wind exposure. Look for natural barriers like trees or hills to block the wind, and avoid low-lying areas where cold air can settle.

  1. Eat High-Calorie Meals

  2. Plan high-calorie meals to provide your body with the energy it needs to stay warm. Hot beverages and high-energy snacks can be particularly beneficial.

  1. Emergency Preparedness
  2. Be prepared for unexpected weather changes. Pack a reliable emergency kit with essentials like a first aid kit, extra food, a reliable light source, and a communication device.

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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Jeep Modifications & Accessories

My Guide to Navigating the Jeep World

In the world of Jeeps there are so many options for accessories and modifications. Before you begin emptying your pocket book figure out how you plan on using your Jeep. 

My first Jeep Modification - Front Bumper

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Jeep Destinations to Explore

 Jeep Getaways

Over the past ten years, I've crisscrossed landscapes, stumbled upon hidden gems, and uncovered destinations that exude a unique charm. From the rugged terrains to the serene hideaways, I've documented the cool spots that begged to be explored.

Whether you're a fellow adventurer seeking inspiration or someone with a penchant for vicarious exploration, my blog is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Embark on this ride with me, and let the thrill of discovery unfold in every post.

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Camping Tips to Enhance Your Outdoor Adventure

 Mastering the Art of Camping 

Colorado Primative Camping

Exploring my love for camping anew has proven to be both a nostalgic and rewarding experience. My childhood was filled with cherished camping moments shared with my family.  In recent years, I've reignited my passion for camping, delving into a diverse range of outdoor adventures that span from the comforts of RV camping to the rugged simplicity of primitive camping. I'm excited to share a my camping tips and insights gathered from my varied experiences. 

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Maintenance Tips for your Jeep

Tips for Prolonging Your Off-Road Companion's Lifespan

Unleash the full potential of your off-road adventure with my comprehensive Jeep Maintenance Tips. Discover practical advice to ensure your Jeep not only conquers the tough terrains but also stands the test of time. From routine care to troubleshooting common issues, empower yourself with the knowledge to keep your Jeep roaring for miles on end. 

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Off-Road Driving Tips

 Wheeling in Different Terrains

Throughout my travels in my Jeep I have wheeled in several terrains or situations. Some I have learned lessons the hard way some came naturally to me. Here are some of the off-road driving tips I have learned over the years. 

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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Empty Nest Tips for Getting Through

Empty Nest Challenges: The Evolution of Motherhood

My empty nest challenges began before my kids even left the nest. In 1999, I decided to step away from my career in television news to raise my two sons. I devoted many years to caring for my family and nurturing my kids. Little did I know this path would lead me to a profound sense of loss and self-discovery.  

As the years went by my children needed me less and less and I felt lost. After deferring my own aspirations in television news, which is now a blessing, I faced the daunting task of rekindling my own new aspirations. It was time to reinvent myself. This transition was no walk in the park; it came with many emotional obstacles, personal challenges and several mistakes. However, through the process, I learned invaluable lessons that would shape the person I am becoming.  

Fast forward to today, my two boys have grown into adults charting their own life path. While I have had over a decade to come to terms to that initial sense of loss that comes when your child moves onto their own life out of the house, the feeling has deepened. Those glorious and joyful times of their childhood are now just fading memories, which remind me of the substantial amount of time that has passed in my life. 

Some days, this loss is overwhelming and the challenges feel insurmountable. I am discovering a few strategies that have helped me cope during these difficult moments. I found keeping busy, going on walks in the warm sun, putting God first and focusing on ways to be closer to my kids and sisters.

The empty nest season of life is a transformative time, that invites us to rediscover ourselves and redefine our purpose in life. The path is full of challenges and uncertainties, but also a time of growth and self-realization. I am embracing the lessons I learned from the past decade, realizing it was needed to get to where I am today. I am grateful for all those past moments, good and bad. Now, it's time for me to stop looking in the rear-view mirror and look forward to these new chapters in life with my adult children.  

Here are some helpful tips for those facing similar empty nest challenges:

Embrace the Evolution of Motherhood

Motherhood evolves as your children grow, and it's essential to acknowledge that your role will change over time. Celebrate the fact that you provided a nurturing environment for your kids to become independent adults.

Reconnect with Your Passions

Many of us put our own aspirations on hold while raising children. Now is the perfect time to rediscover and pursue your interests and passions. Dust off those old hobbies, consider new ones, or revisit career goals you once had.

Learn from Your Mistakes

The journey to self-discovery often comes with missteps and setbacks. Embrace these as valuable learning experiences. Mistakes are an integral part of growth and reinvention. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Acknowledge the Profound Loss

It's okay to grieve the departure of your children from your daily life. This loss can feel overwhelming, but acknowledging it is the first step towards healing and finding new sources of happiness.

Stay Active and Engaged

Keeping busy is a great way to fill the void left by your children. Consider volunteering, taking up a new sport, or pursuing further education. Staying active and engaged will help you meet new people and create fresh experiences.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature has a soothing effect on the soul. Going on walks in the sun, spending time outdoors, or simply tending to a garden can help you find solace and peace during this transition. The mountains are my place to soothe my soul.

Prioritize Your Well-being

Self-care is crucial during this phase of life. Make sure to prioritize your physical and emotional well-being. Exercise regularly, eat healthily, and seek professional support if needed. Your health matters.

Cultivate Your Spiritual Life

For many, turning to faith and spirituality can provide immense comfort during times of loss and change. Consider putting God at the center of your life for guidance and support.

Remember this empty nest phase is an opportunity for personal growth, reinvention, and self-discovery. While some days may feel overwhelming, you have the power to shape this new chapter of your life in a way that brings you joy and fulfillment. Embrace it with open arms, and you may find that the best is yet to come.

Monday, September 18, 2023

60 Before 60 List

Embracing the Simplicity of Life 

My Bucket List ๐Ÿ‘‰ Read More

Simple Pleasures Make Life Beautiful

As I approach another milestone age, I find myself needing a reminder of the simple pleasures in life that make life beautiful. Sometimes we need reminders to shake up our routines. I have begun working on my "60 Before 60" list as well as my new bucket list. 

My 60 Before 60 list isn't about grand adventures or extravagant feats. Instead, it's a celebration of the everyday wonders that surround me – the things taken for granted. It's a commitment to finding joy in the mundane, and nurturing the spirit of curiosity that resides inside of me. 

A journey of mindfulness, wonder and self-discovery. Embracing the simplicity of life and living in the present moment each and every day. 

  1. Treat myself monthly to brunch.
  2. 60 Days of Random Acts of Kindness.
  3. 60 Days of Gratitude making gratitude a habit.
  4. Design my own cocktail.
  5. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle.
  6. Work towards my ideal weight.
  7. Become Lutheran again.
  8.Drink a $100 bottle of wine.
  9. Attend a murder mystery dinner.
10. Self-Love & Self-Care Daily Awareness

Be a tourist in my own town - Visit 10 local museums & 10 new restaurants.
Be a tourist in my own state - Visit 20 sights in Wyoming
Try 10 new foods I have never tried. 

Thursday, September 7, 2023

LED Light Bulb Comparison

Lasfit LED Bulb vs Sylvania LED Bulb
2015 Jeep Wrangler Dome light

The only difference I found is the price. The Lasfit bulb is half the cost.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Off-Roading 101 - Air Down Tires

The Benefits of Airing Down Your Tires

The benefits of airing down and why you should air down your tires when you are out on the gravel, dirt, mud, sand, rocks, and snow. Air Down means reducing the tire pressure below the recommended level for normal on-road driving. There are many reasons to do this. 

JT Brooks Tire Deflators Pro ๐Ÿ‘‰ Buy Here

Tire Guage ๐Ÿ‘‰ Buy Here 

The Benefits of Airing Down Your Tires Off-Road ๐Ÿ‘‰ Watch Here

Improved traction 

Airing down the tires increases the contact area between the tire and the ground. This larger footprint enhances traction on various off-road surfaces such as sand, mud, and rocks. With reduced tire pressure, the tire can better conform to the uneven terrain, allowing for improved grip and better overall off-road performance. 

  • Increases Contact Between Tire and Ground 
  • Enhances Traction
  • Improved Grip 
  • Better Overall Off-Road Performance 

Smoother ride

Lower tire pressure helps absorb shocks and bumps on rough terrain. It allows the tire sidewalls to flex and absorb impacts more effectively, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable off-road experience for both the vehicle and its occupants. 

  • Absorbs Bumps
  • Sidewalls Flex & Absorb Impacts

Enhanced flotation

Airing down increases the tire's footprint, which spreads the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface area. This helps prevent the tires from sinking into soft surfaces like sand or snow, providing better flotation and reducing the likelihood of getting stuck. 

  • Wider Footprint Spreads Vehicle Weight
  • Prevents Tires from Sinking 

Reduced trail damage

By airing down, the tires can better conform to rocks and obstacles on the trail. This helps reduce the risk of tire punctures and sidewall damage. Additionally, with lower tire pressure, the tires are less likely to dig into the trail surface, minimizing the impact on the environment and preserving the trail for future use. 

  • Reduce the Risk of Tire Damage
  • Minimizes Trail Damage 

Air Down to a reasonable range based on road conditions. Ideal tire pressure for off-roading can vary depending on factors such as the vehicle's weight, tire size, and the type of terrain. After off-roading, it's crucial to reinflate the tires to the recommended pressure for on-payment driving to ensure safety, tire longevity, and optimal fuel efficiency.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Bucket List: Embracing the E-Bike Revolution

A Thrilling Ride Along the Pacific Coast

While visiting my niece, we had the opportunity to ride her e-bike. The experience was so much fun I decided to add owning an e-bike to my bucket list.

We rode a trail along the Pacific Coast of California. The views were amazing and we were able to ride for miles.

E-Bikes: The Solution to Urban Congestion and Environmental Concerns

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular with the ever-growing urban congestion and environmental concerns. The electric bicycle  electric bicycle solution is gaining momentum. Not only do they allow for eco-friendly travel, but you also have the flexibility of finding parking spots in bigger cities.

Unlocking Hidden Gems with E-Bikes

You can discover hidden gems that are hard to access by cars or public transportation. This revolutionary mode of transportation is not just a passing trend; it's a transformational shift redefining the way we move within our cities and beyond.

E-Bikes: Accessible and Fitness-Friendly

E-bikes are designed to be accessible to a wide range of individuals, regardless of their fitness level or cycling experience. The pedal-assist technology provides an extra boost when needed, making hills and longer distances more manageable.

E-Bikes: A Blessing for Knees

Awesome Experience

I usually have a hard time riding a bike because of my issues with my knees. Riding the e-bike was so enjoyable. My knees never locked up. Even with the pedal assist I was engaging in physical activity because I could still pedal at my own pace but keeping pace with my niece.

Pedal-Assist Technology: Changing the Commuting Game

This cool feature of e-bikes, the pedal-assist technology, provides riders with an extra push of power as they pedal. This subtle yet significant boost changes the dynamics of commuting, particularly for those tackling hilly terrains or battling headwinds.

A Workout with Every Ride

No longer do daunting slopes stand in the way of a seamless journey; e-bikes make these challenges surmountable, ensuring a sweat-free and enjoyable commute. Contrary to the misconception that e-bikes eliminate the need for pedaling altogether, these bikes require riders to engage their muscles.

The Evolution of E-Bikes: Affordable Options on the Horizon

Now that the e-bike market is gaining popularity, it is evolving rapidly, hopefully creating more affordable options. One I am looking into is the HeyBike , the city run model.

Adding Experiences to Life with an E-Bike

Getting an  e-bike will be more than just checking an item off my list. I will be able to add more experiences to my life.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Role of Trail Guides

Navigating the Off-Road Adventure:
Responsibilities of a Trail Guide

In the world of overlanding and off-roading a trail guide is the one person you rely on throughout the journey. Being a trail guide whether overlanding with many rigs over a span of several days to spotting a fellow off-roader over an obstacle is a big responsibility. Before you decide to be a trail guide make sure you are up for the task.

How to Trail Guide: Overlanding & Off-Road Tips ๐Ÿ‘‰ Watch Here

Ensuring Safety and Enjoyment

The primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the participants while providing valuable information about the trail and its surroundings. Safety is a crucial aspect of being a trail guide. They assess and minimize potential risks by providing guidance on proper wheeling techniques, advising on recovery gear to use, and implementing trail etiquette.

Equipped for Emergencies 

Trail guides should carry essential safety equipment, such as communication devices, first aid kits, emergency supplies, and recovery gear. They should be prepared to handle common trail-related emergencies or incidents.

Communications and Coordination

Communication and coordination are key. Maintaining clear communication with participants, ensuring they understand instructions, rules, and any necessary precautions. Coordinating logistics such as meeting points, trail information and what to expect are tasks of a trail guide. 

Even securing camping spots and advising what to bring are on the list. Keeping the lines of communication open during the trails ride provides a smooth experience for the participants.

Environmental Stewardship

Trail guides often emphasize the importance of preserving and respecting the natural environment. Tread Lightly principals should be promoted and educating participants on ways to minimize their impact on the trail and its ecosystem are extremely important.  

Obstacle Navigation and Rig Awareness

A guide needs to know how to attack different obstacles with the wide variety of rigs and be able to spot those rigs over obstacles on the trail.  Each rig is unique from the make and model to aftermarket parts the rig is sporting. They all wheel differently; a four door could need a different line than a 2 door. The same with stock rigs versus lifted one. This is where the experience levels come in handy. Especially on trails that have technical obstacles. Guides must be aware of all of this and know the terrain they are guiding.

Informative Commentary

For longer overlanding trips lasting several days offering informative commentary about the trail, its history, geological features, ecological significance, and any relevant cultural or historical information makes for a more fulfilling experience. Including key stops along the way for exploration enhance the experience. A bonus is providing a meal of a simple lunch or a Dutch-oven breakfast and dinner.

Overall, trail guides play a crucial role in facilitating safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences while imparting knowledge and fostering a deeper connection to nature.​​

Family Party Planning Tips

Becoming the Best Party Host As I grown older I find myself becoming more nostalgic. I begin to take strolls down memory lane reminiscing of...