Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Jeep Momma's Garage Episode 11

This episode of Jeep Momma's Garage I share how easy it is to use the Jeep Badge of Honor app so you can earn yourself some Really Cool Jeep Trail Badges. Plus 5 must see Jeep / Off Road You Tubers. AND some really Cool Stuff for your Jeep from Burnt Customs and Morris 4x4 Center

Thursday, December 21, 2017

New Skids for My Jeep

Jeep Wrangler In the Garage
Oil Change
I am not a big shopper. I hate going to the mall. I hate trying on clothes. But...

I sure do love shopping and buying stuff for my Jeep. 

While I had my Jeep in for a much needed oil change, I made an impulse buy. New shoes for my rear control arm brackets.

Banged Up Rear Control Arm Bracket

These brackets are a low point in the rear of my Jeep. From the looks of it, I have scrapped a few rocks over the years. They aren't that badly banged up -- YET! However, they are on the road to becoming a problem. 

The bolts holding the shocks in place were getting deformed from scraping over and against the rocks.  

Adrenaline Off Road Garage
Mike Welding on Skid Plates
The new skid plates are weld ons. The first Jeep part I have welded on to my Jeep. Three years ago I would have cringed at that thought, but now I have a better understanding on what it takes to fortify my Jeep for the trails. 

Mike from Adrenaline Off Road 
These skids are constructed of 3/16″ steel, laser cut and CNC bent. These rear lower control arm skids conform directly to Rear JK Lower Control Arm brackets. 

Rear Shock

These weld on brackets give protection to your control arm joints, rear shocks and prevent your factory control arm brackets from bending.

Rear Control Arm

Looks like I need to hit the car wash. The Jeep is covered with that nasty salt concoction. 

Now what's next for my Jeep?

A big SHOUT OUT to Adrenaline Off Road for a great suggestion. I would have never known you could add this to your Jeep. Also a SHOUT OUT to Mike for being patient with me. He answered my many questions, and explained the step by step process for getting these skids welded on.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jeep Momma's Garage Episode 10

I decided to switch out my ammo cans for a Cool Jeep Item Nate, AKA SWBCrawler, shared with me on last weeks episode 9 of Jeep Momma's Garage. He makes an appearance in Episode 10. Check out the Cool Jeep Stuff you can put in the interior of your Jeep.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Jeep Rattle

This past summer, I discovered a really cool storage solution for my Jeep trunk, the MorRyde Ammo Can Carrier

This ammo can carrier has many facets; a  shelf, a molle panel, and space. The space between the wheel well and the molle panel allows for more storage. 

I filled my newly purple painted ammo cans with Jeep stuff, then strapped them to the shelf. The only down side is the ammo cans make too much racket. The handles are constantly clanging against the can. 
I couldn't take rattle sounds anymore, so out they went. 

Luckily, I found a new solution that I am testing out.
During Episode 9 of Jeep Momma's Garage ~ my video blog ~ my special guest Nate from SWB Crawler, shared one of his storage solutions, canvas tool bags. 

So I bought two 13 inch Craftsman tool bags. I was able to fill one up with the contents from both ammo cans. Now I can buy more cool Jeep stuff to put in the other bag.

The bag fits perfectly on the ammo can shelf. Plus, the rattle noise is gone. I decided to use the ammo cans for my liquids - oils. It was suggested I use paracord on the handles. Sounds like another Jeep Project.   

Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Phone Mount

There is a really cool map app called Maprika that I like using when I am out wheeling at Rausch Creek. 

This app has many cool features, but the one I like the most, is tracking myself on the trails. I can see where I am going, and it tracks where I have been. 

However, being out on the trails without a co-pilot makes for difficult navigation. When my friend, CPO from Overclock3d Jeeps, collaborated with me on Episode 8 of Jeep Momma's Garage, I discovered a cool gadget to help me with my navigation.

A phone mount for the JK's by 67Designs.

This Jeep JK Mount with Universal Mount retails for $69. 

Money well spent! 

This mount is easy to install. 

Step 1:  You just remove the plastic change tray on your dash. 

Step 2: There is a OEM hex head screw in place that you use to attach the phone mount. Unscrew this screw.

Step 3: Attach the 20 mm ball mount in the dash with the OEM hex head screw.  

Step 4: Attach the carbon fiber arm to the 20mm ball mount.

Step 5: Attach the Universal Aluminum Squeeze mount with 20 mm ball to the carbon fiber arm. 

Easy Peasy! 

I love that I can rotate my phone 360 degrees on the 20 mm ball for a portrait or landscape orientation.

It's a simple one handed operation - no buttons to open or release the device. Just push one side away and slide in the phone.

I am looking forward to the next time on the trails to be able to track myself on the map with Maprika!  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Jeep Momma's Garage - Episode 9

Episode 9 of Jeep Momma's Garage highlights another Cool Jeeper as my special guest. Nate, AKA, shares all the Cool Jeep Stuff in the trunk of his Jeep.
Watch all the way through to the end of the video for a bonus blooper at about 10 minutes and 45 seconds.

Monday, December 11, 2017

My New Soft Shackle

Every time I wheel I learn something new. During the Women's Wheeling Day event, NORA 4x4 ~
NorthEast OffRoad Adventures ~ held a hi-lift / winching class.

Jon, a i4wdta certified trainer, shared some really great recovery tips. He also showed us the many different types of recovery gear. One piece I had very little knowledge of was the soft shackle. 

Jon sold me on the importance of this cool Jeep item. I decided to get suggestions from my fellow Jeep friends about which one I should buy. There were many suggestions. Thanks everyone! I decided to go with the GatorJaw 7/16" Synthetic shackle from OK4WD ~ Thanks Christie!!! 


These things are beast. They have a 32,000 lb breaking strength. They are stronger than the steel shackles, and 10 times lighter. These flexible synthetic shackles float. Plus, you don't need to unscrew your shackle to use them. They just slip right thru the D-ring.

I look forward to breaking mine in. Well... not on my Jeep, but maybe I could help another Jeeper out. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

What The Heck Is Jeep Life?

I came across this article on the Four Wheeler Network written by 4-Wheel & Off-Road Editor-In-Chief  Editor Rick Pewe. He asked the question, 

"What the heck is Jeep Life?

Jeep Mom Driving topless
Enjoying Life in my Topless Wrangler
It made me ponder how I would answer it. It is something that is difficult to put into words, because sometimes it's just a feeling you have; a connection to something bigger than anything you have been apart of. 

Jeep Mom wheels off-road on the trails.
Wheeling with New Jeep Friends
For me Jeep Life encompasses more than just driving a Jeep. It's more than taking my Jeep off-road. It's my passion, something I wake up thinking about first thing in the morning, whether it's my Jeep or wanting new Jeep parts, to my blog or my next great Jeep adventure.

It is all about bonding and sharing with like-minded friends, yes, I call complete strangers with a Jeep, my friends. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Jeep Momma's Garage - Episode 8

This episode is probably one of my favorites so far. It was a fun collaboration with my friend CPO with Overclock3d Jeeps ~

I shared my version of Top 5 Must Have Jeep Accessories and CPO gave his version. There are some really Cool Jeep Stuff that I have added to my must have list. 

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Facing My Fear Head On and Forging Ahead

Off Roading in Moab
At the Wheel on Hell's Revenge
Ever since I can remember, I have been afraid of heights. I can't stand driving over bridges, or really high interstate over passes. So driving my Jeep in the mountains can be difficult for me. 
On the scary trails of Hell's Revenge
Scared to Death On the entrance to Hell's Revenge

However, I have a dilemma - my passion and love for off-roading. That sometimes entails heights, like driving up and down the fins on Hell's Revenge. Or along mountain trails in Pennsylvania.

4 x 4 on the trails in the Pennsylvania Mountains
In the Mountains of Pennsylvania
In order for me to transcend these fears and enjoy my love for the trails, I must face them head on. As you can see from these videos one way to face them is to be vocal. 

4 x 4 in my Jeep in the Pennsylvania Mountains
Off Roading the Trails at Rausch Creek Off Road Park 

It also helps to recap these fears in my videos. To watch them afterwards helps me to realize the fear I had at the time really wasn't that bad.  

Off Roading in my Jeep at Rausch Creek Off Road Park
My Happy Place 

The more I try to conquer my fears the easier it becomes. It is okay to be afraid, but I won't let it stop me from enjoying my Jeep on the trails. So if being vocal helps, I will continue to "talk" myself through the fear. Then afterwards laugh at myself at how silly I was, realizing it wasn't that bad. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Jeep Momma's Garage - Episode 7

This episode includes:
  • Cool Jeep Tips I have learned over the years. 
  • The Bearded Jeeper - a Cool YouTuber who shares Cave Wheeling
  • Daock Pictures - a Cool YouTuber who shares Extreme Winching

and... a Twitter feature @Holy_Jeeps

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Jeep Momma's Garage - Episode 6

This episode includes: 
Off Road Consulting Driving Instruction.
This is a must see!  

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Jeep Momma's Garage - Episode 5

This episode includes:
  • My Top 5 Cool Color Accessories
  • The TinkerBell Jeep
  • TNA Decals
  • AtoZFabrication
Bonus: you find out who my favorite NFL team is.

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Jeep Momma's Garage - Episode 4

This episode features
  • J.T. Brookes Tire Deflators
  • Jeep Hat - All Things Jeep
  • I'm Not Just a Girl - Cool Store at Ladies Off Road Network
And... The latest Jeep News
PLUS... a tour of my garage AND check out the 3:44 minute mark. 

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Jeep Momma's Garage ~ Episode 3

This was a fun episode to do. 
  • Top 5 Tips for what to do while waiting your turn on the trails
  • Vendor Shout Out to Justice Off Road
  • Facebook Feature ~ Jeep Girls Rock!
  • Jeep Talk Show Podcast Episode 304
  • Women's Wheeling Day @ Rausch Creek

And... The latest Jeep News

Check out the :56 second mark. LOL!!!
Oh and check out the 1:19 minute mark!

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Jeep Momma's Garage ~ Episode 2

This episode features:

And... more Jeep News

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Jeep Momma's Garage - Episode 1

I am on this super, amazing Jeep Journey. I love to share all my great Jeep stories with you. I realized on this journey I stumble across some pretty Cool Jeep Stuff, so I want to share that too. Check out my Vlog on You Tube ~ Jeep Momma's Garage. 

My first episode features:
  • The Yeti from Steer Smarts
  • A really Cool Jeep Girl on Instagram
  • A navigation race I someday hope to participate in
  • And... The latest Jeep News.

You gotta check out the 4:00 mark. What does that remind you of?

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