Thursday, December 21, 2017

New Skids for My Jeep

Rear Lower Control Arm Protection

Jeep Wrangler In the Garage
Oil Change

While I had my Jeep in the shop for an oil change, it was pointed out to me I could use some protection on my rear lower control arms. 

Banged Up Rear Control Arm Bracket

These brackets are a low point in the rear of my Jeep. From the looks of it, I have scrapped a few rocks over the years. They aren't that badly banged up -- YET! However, they are on the road to becoming a problem. 

The bolts holding the shocks in place were getting deformed from scraping over and against the rocks.  

Adrenaline Off Road Garage
Mike Welding on Skid Plates

The new skid plates are weld ons. The first Jeep part I have welded on to my Jeep. Three years ago I would have cringed at that thought, but now I have a better understanding on what it takes to fortify my Jeep for the trails. 

Mike from Adrenaline Off Road 

These skids are constructed of 3/16″ steel, laser cut and CNC bent. These rear lower control arm skids conform directly to Rear JK Lower Control Arm brackets. 

Rear Shock

These weld on brackets give protection to your control arm joints, rear shocks and prevent your factory control arm brackets from bending.

A big SHOUT OUT to Adrenaline Off Road for a great suggestion. I would have never known you could add this to your Jeep. Also a SHOUT OUT to Mike for being patient with me. He answered my many questions, and explained the step by step process for getting these skids welded on.  

Thursday, December 14, 2017

67 Designs Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount

Jeep Phone Mount: Money Well Spent

67 Designs Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount 👉 Buy Here

Install Video 👉 Watch Here

Simple & Easy Install 

Step 1

Remove the plastic change tray on your dash. 

Step 2

There is a OEM hex head screw in place that you use to attach the phone mount. Unscrew this screw.

Step 3

Attach the 20 mm ball mount in the dash with the OEM hex head screw.  

Step 4

Attach the carbon fiber arm to the 20mm ball mount.

Step 5

Attach the Universal Aluminum Squeeze mount with 20 mm ball to the carbon fiber arm. 

I love that I can rotate my phone 360 degrees on the 20 mm ball for a portrait or landscape orientation.

It's a simple one handed operation - no buttons to open or release the device. Just push one side away and slide in the phone.

Monday, December 11, 2017

My New Soft Shackle - Gator Jaw

A Must Have in Your Recovery Gear Bag

During a Women's Wheeling Day event, NORA 4x4 ~ NorthEast OffRoad Adventures ~ held a hi-lift / winching class.

Jon with NORA 4x4

Jon, a i4wdta certified trainer, shared some really great recovery tips. He also showed us the many different types of recovery gear. One piece I had very little knowledge of was the soft shackle. 

Jon sold me on the importance of this cool Jeep item.  I decided to go with the GatorJaw 7/16" Synthetic shackle 

Gator Jaw Soft Shackle 👉 Buy Here

These things are beast. They have a 32,000 lb breaking strength. They are stronger than the steel shackles, and 10 times lighter. These flexible synthetic shackles float. Plus, you don't need to unscrew your shackle to use them. They just slip right thru the D-ring.

I used this shackle dozens of times on the trail over the years. It holds up amazingly. 

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