Friday, March 13, 2020

Two Jeepers on a Life Mission

Saving Jeeps One Jeep at a Time

Terry Gillette with The Jeep Rescue League

Meet Terry Gillette... with the Jeep Rescue League in Saguache, Colorado. He is former military and has a passion for military Jeeps. He is on the look out for abandoned Jeeps and is saving them one at a time.  Watch the  👉  Jeep Rescue League 

Bob with BC Vintage Jeeps

Meet Bob... with BC Vintage Jeeps in Delta, Colorado. Bob is former military and loves all things Vintage Jeeps. He collects them, rescues them, sells them and buys them. Bob will even deliver Jeeps and Jeep parts to your door all over the country.  
Watch 👉 BC Vintage Jeeps

BC Vintage Jeeps

Terry and Bob are on a mission. Their mission... To save Vintage Jeeps one Jeep at a time. 

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