Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I Got This!

Three years ~ I have been off-roading in my Jeep for three years. This past weekend was a huge milestone for me. A milestone I didn't realize I hit until after I got back home to check out my pictures and videos. 

I realized looking at my pictures that I didn't take very many. I usually have a lot of pictures to scroll through. This got me thinking as to why.

After watching the videos I realized. It was my first time where I didn't have anyone spotting me through the trails. Every rock I crawled over was on my own. We wheeled a lot of Blue trails too. Maybe I am ready for Black?! 

I was busy concentrating on my wheeling I did't pick up my camera much. However,  I was able to get some video. 

Check it out! "I Got This" I did it all by myself! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My First Jeep Show!

It only took four years to attend my first Jeep Show. Saturday, I finally made it to the 22nd Annual All Breeds PA Jeep Show in York, PA. 

There was so much to see and do -- 
from the Show and Shine...

to the Swap meet... 

to vendors, vendors everywhere.

There was also a cool obstacle course sponsored by Rausch Creek Off Road Park and Metal Cloak brought their CTI Ramp.

 The obstacle course had rocks and dirt, off camber, climbs and descents, and a bridge crossing. It also had three different levels of difficulty.

I decided to make my first Jeep Show a low key show, get my feet wet before I jumped all the way in. (or so I thought) I spent my first time getting a feel for the event. Most of the day was about networking, going from booth to booth introducing myself, and handing out my Jeep Momma bracelets and Jeep Talk Show koozies. 

Along the way of visiting the vendors, I found some really cool products like this ARB fridge freezer. I will be adding this to my Jeep Wish List. I also spotted some headlights from Justice Off Road that are going on that same list.  

Of course I couldn't resist buying Jeep stuff, Purple Jeep Stuff! Spiderweb Shade has these cool SpiderWebShade Grab bags

I also needed another Molle bag for my new MorRyde Ammo Can shelf. So I stopped by the Justice Off Road booth and purchased a 2nd Condor bag.    

I even ended up meeting some friends I met through social media. 

There was so much too see, so many cool Jeeps. It was overwhelming all the Jeeps. At one point I needed to go back to my Jeep, but I couldn't find it in the sea of Jeeps in the parking lot. 

I Lost My Jeep Facebook Live! 

At the end of the day it was easy to find my Jeep. I am the type of person that doesn't like a good time to end, so I stick it out to the bitter end.

The end of the day's show was the best part. I was lucky to have participated in the Jeep Girls Rockin' PA Jeeps. Jeep Girls Rock, Rausch Creek Off Road Park, and Off Road Consulting put on a Meet and Greet for the ladies. Then we took over the obstacle course.

For some of the ladies this was their first time driving off road. It was amazing to be there to help them along. The smiles and excitement reminded me of my first time on the rocks.

After I took some pictures I was able to hop in the passenger seat of the ARB 4x4 Jeep.

Check out my You Tube Video

But that wasn't enough. So I went in search of Clayton from Clayton Off Road. I talked him into giving me the keys to his Jeep. 

I decided to take the rocky path. Once up on the rocks Clayton reminded me to use the two footed driving technique. I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself, picking my own lines, and not even using the spotter.  For me the day ended on a good note! Being able to play on the rocks. Thanks Clayton!!! 

Next year, I will be back. I will get my Jeep up on the rocks, and maybe even the CTI Ramp.      

Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Shafts A Woody!

Hey! Don’t you get tired of waiting for Jeep Parts to arrive. Then waiting for the install party. I do. Patience! That is one of the many things my Jeep is teaching me.


Finally, I am sporting a new front driveshaft. It's so shiny and new! I love it. I can't wait to get it dirty.

I replaced my stock front driveshaft with a Tom Wood's Custom Driveshaft. A little preventive maintenance on my part. The OEM driveshaft was still working, but eventually would have failed. 

The 2015 Wrangler's (Rubicon) front driveshaft has a rzeppa joint. This joint has a boot which protects it’s guts. Mine has been flexed to it’s limits. This boot can’t hold up to the stress of the added lift on my Jeep.

With all the flexing I have done, it began to crack and split. Now it is spewing grease. You can’t refill the grease on this OEM driveshaft, so it will eventually break.

These stock driveshaft's also are larger in diameter. When lifted this can cause them to possibly rest on the exhaust which causes more issues. Typically you will see this issue with 3" or more of a lift, or after of 20K to 30K driving, or after off road use when the suspension stretches.         

The Tom Wood’s Custom Driveshafts have a smaller diameter which allows the suspension to drop on 2012 and newer 3.6 Wranglers without touching the exhaust.

The Tom Wood’s front drive shaft is a double cardan joint. This allows for more movement of the joint. There are also several points for re-greasing. A very important maintenance duty you must keep up with. If you are diligent in re-greasing your Tom Wood's driveshaft will last forever. 

Re-grease every oil change and after you have been in water or mud when off roading.

Such an awesome feeling to upgrade my Jeep - to toughen it up!

Thanks to Adrenaline Off-Road for helping with my Wrenching Party! 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tread Lightly

We close every show of the Jeep Talk Show Podcast with the Tread Lightly Principals.

"No matter where your wheeling … if you pack it in, pack it out, Lets leave our wheeling destinations in as good, ...if not better condition than they were when we arrived. And Remember to ALWAYS Tread Lightly! Stay on designated trails, and don’t wheel where you're not supposed to." 

I hear it all the time not only in the Off Road Community but when my kids were in Boy Scouts. With so many people on this planet everyone needs to do their part so we can keep enjoying the trails whether in our Jeeps or on our feet.   

While I was in Moab hiking in the National Parks, I saw lots of folks not treading lightly. It was very frustrating seeing trampled land that was not supposed to be walked on. 

I saw people disregarding posted signs, and hiking where they weren't allowed. 

Every off-roader should familiarize themselves with these principals. To learn more about the Tread Lightly Principles, and how you can help keep our trails and public lands open for offroad use check out this site www.treadlightly.org 

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