Jeep Momma on the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon

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My Jeep has taken me to off the beaten path destinations I never I never dreamed of going.

My Top 10 Must Visit Small Towns πŸ‘‰ Read More

Overlanding Adventures

My first Wyoming Overland Adventure πŸ‘‰ Read More

Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon πŸ‘‰ Read More

My First Overland Adventure πŸ‘‰ Read More

Overlanding Mojave Road πŸ‘‰ Watch Here

Mojave Road Adventure πŸ‘‰ Read More 

Jeep Badge of Honor Trails

Wheeling the Rubicon Trail πŸ‘‰ Read More

Hole in the Rock, Utah πŸ‘‰ Read More

Peter Mill RunπŸ‘‰ Read More 

Gold Mountain, California πŸ‘‰ Read More 

Pinyon Canyon, California πŸ‘‰ Read More 

My First Jeep Badge of Honor, Trail πŸ‘‰Read More

Trail 11, Rausch Creek Off-Road Park πŸ‘‰ Watch Here 

Crawler Ridge, Rausch Creek Off Road Park πŸ‘‰ Watch Here

Engineer Pass, Colorado πŸ‘‰ Watch Here

Holy Cross, Colorado πŸ‘‰Read More


Moody Hill πŸ‘‰  Read More 

Colorado Adventures πŸ‘‰ Read More 

Overlanding Mecca - San Luis Valley, Colorado  πŸ‘‰ Watch Here


Wayne's World & Twister πŸ‘‰ Watch Here

Secret Pass  πŸ‘‰ Watch Here


First Moab Adventure πŸ‘‰ Read More

Utah's Scariest Road πŸ‘‰Read More

Goosenecks of the San Juans πŸ‘‰Read More

Rausch Creek Adventures

First Time Off-roadπŸ‘‰Read More

First Time Wheeling My Rubicon πŸ‘‰Read More

First Time Wheeling in the SnowπŸ‘‰Read More

First Blue Trail πŸ‘‰Read More

Trail Guide Training Class πŸ‘‰Read More

My First Time Trail Guiding πŸ‘‰Read More

301 Training Class πŸ‘‰ Read More

My Second Off-road Adventure πŸ‘‰Read More

Wheeling with Disconnected Off-road πŸ‘‰Read More

Monthly Guided Ride πŸ‘‰ Read More

Krawlin for Cops 2018 πŸ‘‰ Read More

Krawlin for Cops 2017 πŸ‘‰ Read More

Woman's Wheeling Day at Rausch Creek

WWD 2018 πŸ‘‰ Read More

WWD 2017 πŸ‘‰ Read More

WWD 2016 πŸ‘‰ Read More

WWD 2015 - Wheeling the Clayton Off-road Jeep πŸ‘‰ Read More

WWD 2014 πŸ‘‰ Read More

AOAA Adventures

First Time Wheeling at AOAA πŸ‘‰Read More

Working Through My Fears on a Black Trail πŸ‘‰Read More 

Being Alone vs Being By Yourself πŸ‘‰Read More 

Uwharrie, North Carolina

First Time Wheeling at Uwharrie πŸ‘‰Read More 

Campout Wheeling Adventure πŸ‘‰Read More 

Virginia Adventures

Wheeling in the AppalachiansπŸ‘‰Read More

Camping at the Cove πŸ‘‰ Read More

Wheeling in Maryland  πŸ‘‰ Read More

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