Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jammock Product Review

A Hammock for your Topless Jeep

Jeep Momma laying in the Jammock

I was asked to review the Jammock. The company sent me a Jammock for the Wrangler. This Jammock was given away in a contest on the Jeep Talk Show Podcast.

Jeep Momma sitting in the Jammock

First off you might ask, What is a Jammock? Well... it's a Hammock you can use on top of your Jeep when you are topless. It fits all Jeep Wranglers from 1987 to the present.

It also has some other uses, but I tried it out on top of my Jeep over the front seats of my 4 door Rubicon. 

Installing is a snap! 

Proper Jammock buckle install

Tip #1: Make sure you thread the strap from the bottom of the buckle. 

Improper Jammock buckle install

When I first installed the Jammock, I threaded the strap the wrong way. Thankfully my 17 year old son suggested I test the Jammock before I sat in it. I would have fallen straight through. 

Jammock buckle

They use NRS Buckles. These buckles are the industry choice for corrosion resistance and strength. They are rated for 2,000 lbs each. I was impressed with these buckles. They are strong, and very easy to use.

The material is made of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon and it's coated for water resistance. The straps are one piece throughout for added strength. This product is definitely made with a good quality material.  

Strong, Simple & Easy 

Jammock Install Guide

The instructions on their website show where you should place the straps. I wasn't able to place the straps in the same location as the picture on their website. 

Jammock strap placement

My roll bar and frame are just too close together to slide the NRS buckles through. So I improvised. It worked. 

Other Uses

  • Hammock over the front or rear seat 
  • Overhead storage 
  • Pet barrier (between the front and rear seats)
  • Wind jammer (between the front and rear seats)
  • Lounge chair on the back roll bars 
  • Sling seat hammock off the vehicle

Jeep Momma chilling in the Jammock

Jeep Momma Tips

I only tried it out as a hammock over the front seat. Because I wasn't able to put the straps like the instructions indicated, keeping the Jammock up when not in use didn't work for me. It did not pulled tight and got in the way of my driving.  

Tip #2: When getting into the Jammock I found climbing in from the back seat was the best. Especially in a lifted Jeep. 

Jeep Momma in the Jammock on her Jeep


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