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Jeep's Plastic Fender Restore Product Review

Lithium Trim Serum

Fender Restore Product - LithiumTrim Serum

Those plastic fenders on the Wranglers are hard to keep looking sharp. The suns UV rays fades the plastic, and mud tends to stain them. For the past couple of years, I have been looking for a solution to keep them looking factory fresh. 

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Before applying the Trim Serum on my fenders. 

Lithium Auto Care reached out to me and asked if I would try their Trim Serum product on my fenders. I have tried peanut butter and erasers, so why not.

After Trim Serum on my fenders. 

Lithium’s Trim serum auto care product says:  Transforms weathered and oxidized trum - rubber and plastic - in seconds. 

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Trim Serum on the rear fender of my Jeep

Out of all the products I have used, trim serum right off the bat makes my plastic fenders look amazing. Trim serum is designed to penetrate and seal all the rubber & plastic trim surfaces to make them look new again. It also helps keep the rubber and plastic from drying out, cracking and oxidizing.     


Trim Serum applied on my front fender.

How long will it last? 

There is no trim protectant product that will last forever. The question is which one will last the longest. Trim serum from the start made my plastic fenders look brand new. It is supposed to last for several months. The company says about 20 washes. However, as Jeep owners most don’t even wash their Jeep that much in a lifetime. 

Trim Serum can be used on the Jeep's door handles.

I plan on at least washing off my fenders weekly to check on how this product holds up. So far 2 weeks and they still look great. I used Trim Serum on all my plastic Jeep Parts - door handles, mirrors, dash, and the rubi rails.

Use a mircofiber cloth to apply Trim Serum

Step 1 Wash the surface before applying the trim serum

Step 2  Apply trim serum to surface in a circular motion and let it remain on the surface for several minutes then buff dry.

Step 3 Allow the trim serum to cure for 6 to 12 hours before getting wet.

Additional coats may be needed for severely damaged or faded plastic.

Below are pictures 2 weeks and 3 weeks after the first application of the product. I am living in the high desert of Colorado so it can be very windy and super dusty. I needed to wash the fenders so you can see how the Trim Serum is holding up. 

2 Weeks 

Trim Serum after 2 weeks.

3 Weeks

Trim Serum after 3 weeks.


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