Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jeep Secrets Revealed

Hidden Gems in My Jeep

When I first got my Jeep, I found joy of discovering all the quirky and clever features my ride had to offer. My adventure into the world of Jeep secrets started with a seemingly mundane item – the center console of my Rubicon. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a gem of a discovery online: hidden beneath the console are specially designed holders perfect for stashing pens, compact flashlights, or even a tire gauge.

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Built in Dog Bowl

But the fun doesn't stop there. Did you ever look at your cup holder and see it as anything more than a place for your morning coffee? Well, it turns out it can effortlessly transform into a water dish for your four-legged friend during those long, adventurous drives.

Hidden Seven Slot Grille

Jeep designers truly embrace the iconic seven-slot grille design, and they echoed this theme in the detailing. Look closely, and you'll find the seven-slot motif cleverly incorporated into the design of the top vent near the hood, a subtle nod to the Jeep's heritage.

Bottle Opener in the Door

Now, for those moments when you're tinkering in the garage and realize you've forgotten a bottle opener, there's no need to trek back into the house. The Wrangler's got your back – or rather, your door does. The silver latches on the body of the Jeep aren't just for looks; they double as a handy bottle opener.

The sun visor was a cool discovery as well. You can pull it out to block the sun near the rear view mirror. Or even along the door. 


  1. So jealous of the center console - the JL doesn’t have that. But gotta love that bottle opener ✌🏻

    1. Thats not Real i got a 2003 tj and when I try to open my bottle the tips broke and I couldnt drink my brevage 😢

  2. Where the paperclip symbol is, I fold cash and store it there. Holds it very well!

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