Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A New Jeep Wheeling Experience

Off-Road in the Virginia Mountains

Finally after five years of wheeling, I made it to Gore, Virginia to take my Jeep off-roading. I've heard about the place many times, but never found my way there until I found a new group of Jeep friends. 

I always heard they wheeled hard and breakage was not an issue because most of these off-roaders wrenched on their own Jeeps.  The rumor I heard was  the trails were mainly for big rock crawlers. Now I can put those fears to rest. The Cove Campground outside of Gore, Virginia is a great place to wheel. Trails of all levels from one to ten. 

The scenery is beautiful and the 
trails are amazing and super challenging.

I arrived Friday and set up camp. I was spending the weekend with Off Camber Crawlers during a Big Dogs Off Road event. Off Camber Crawlers, OCC, are a family off road group. I am checking off the items to become a member of their group. 

I wheeled the level 5 trails just to get my feet wet to see what the trails were like. There were some intense moments on some difficult obstacles, but I powered through. I think I would be able to wheel 6's and 7's.  

Trail Nasty 👉 Watch Here
Cobra 7  👉 Watch Here
Lower Trickle 👉 Watch Here
Winch Trail 👉 Watch Here
First Time at the Cove 👉 Watch Here
Unnamed Trail 👉 Watch Here
More Lower Trickle 👉 Watch Here
Trail V  👉 Watch Here 

I also took my Jeep on it's first night wheeling trip and tested out my Lux Lighting Systems Lights. 

I have posted several videos of the trails I wheeled, however like any Jeeper knows the video doesn't do the trail justice. The level of difficulty never gets an accurate account on the video. 

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