Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Rust Removal Tips for Your Jeep

Steps to Keep Your Jeep Rust Free

Working under my Jeep

When I started off-roading and doing off road post checks on my Jeep I began to notice scraps on the undercarriage. Those scraps turned into spots for rust growth. Living in a place that uses road salt on the road exasperates the growth of rust. 

Rust on My Skid Plates Under My Jeep

There were a lot of scratches, scrapes and dings from my time on the rocky trails. I decided to try some Do-It-Yourself products since at the time that's what fit my budget at the time. 

Rubberized undercoating

 If you are looking for a low cost solution this may work. I highly recommend getting a professional undercoating if you have a newer vehicle.

Permatex Heavy-Duty Rubberized Undercoating 👉 Buy Here

Permatex Rust Treatment  👉 Buy Here


This spray takes 24 hours to set. I decided to test out this rubberized undercoating.  At the time I didn't understand how this product worked. I now wish I would have used it on my bumpers and undercarriage. 

My front and rear bumpers were becoming a real rust infested problem. You could see the rust coming growing underneath the powdercoat. The best solution would be to sandblast the whole bumper and start over. It didn't fit my budget at the time. So I tried out POR-15.

Rusted front bumper

When you expose bare metal to oxygen and moisture you create prime growing conditions for rust. I have dinged my front and rear bumpers a lot over the years while off-roading. 

rusted front bumper

I did my best keeping up with the maintenance of keeping the rust at bay. However, living out East where there is an unusually obscene amount of salt dumping on the road plays havoc with my bumper and the rust invaded. 

Rust Removal Steps 

That nasty, corrosive rust must be stopped. During my rust removal and prevention process I started with sanding. I used a wire brush and sanded away as much of the rust as I could. Then sprayed on a Permatex Rust Treatment and let it dry for 24 hours.

Rust removal tip

Final Step 

I used Krylon Rust Touch spray paint,  semi-flat black paint. I let it dry for about three hours, then I pulled off the tape and paper. 

Top 5 DIY Rust Removal Treatments  

Permatex Rust Treatment
Rustoleom Rust Remover 👉 Buy Here
Oshpo 👉 Buy Here
Corroseal 👉 Buy Here
Rust and paint stripper wheel

brushing off rust flakes

With each of the liquid products you must prepare the metal. Remove all flaking paint and rust dust. Rinse with water. Then the liquid products can be painted on. I also sanded the bumper as best I could. 

Before and after of rusted bumper

Out of those 5 products, I felt the Oshpo worked the best, but it still didn't prevent the old rust from coming back on my bumpers. It worked great on the rock rash on my sliders.

Rust Prevention Products

POR-15 was another product I tested out on my front & rear bumper.

Rust Prevention in 5 Easy Steps with POR-15 👉 Watch Here

POR-15 Rust Prevention Update 👉 Watch Here

Newly painted front bumper

Testing Out Another Product - POR-15

I tired the product POR-15, the rust prevention kit. It's a 3 step process. I have found in my rust treatments that prepping the metal is the key. I spent a lot of time sanding off the rust as best I could. 

using POR 15

Then it was on to the 3 step process of the POR-15 Kit. It's really very simple. Spray on the degreaser to clean the metal. The instructions stated to keep the metal wet for 15 minutes. During that time I used my wire brush to help remove that stubborn rust. After rinsing off the degreaser, the next step was the metal prep. This is a liquid that needs to remain on the metal for 15 minutes. 

POR 15

After the Metal Prep is rinsed off the the bumper dries, the POR-15 can be painted on the bumper. POR-15 is a thick black paint. I used two coats. Once the POR-15 paint dried I sprayed on a black matte rust prevention spray paint. The POR-15 is sensitive to UV rays. 

After POR-15 was applied! 

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Be Yourself - Embracing a Fulfilling Life

Exploring Ways to Live Authentically and Maximizing Time

Selfie in nature

(Updated December 2023) As I get older, the significance of time has become increasingly apparent to me. It's a precious resource that requires mindful management. My goal is to be vigilant with my time. I'm dedicated to embracing my best life and ensuring each day is lived to its fullest potential. During my journey I began to see several areas where I squandered this precious commodity -- TIME.

Escaping the Trap of Seeking Approval

Living life to its fullest requires the avoidance of wasting time. Among the many ways I saw my time being wasted was seeking acceptance from friends, colleagues, and society. Those ways stood out prominently when I became more mindful of simplifying my life. 

The desire for approval is universal, yet excessive concern about others' opinions can lead to a sense of unworthiness. This has become so prevalent in our society today with the internet and social media. This preoccupation can spiral into an unhealthy, stressful endeavor, often without our awareness.

Striving for Individuality and Freedom

Yosemite National Park selfie

In my own journey, I've frequently found myself attempting to fit in at the cost of losing my true self. However, with age comes a newfound indifference towards the approval of others or conforming to any specific group.

Embracing Personal Authenticity

Time is the most valuable currency in our possession, irreversible once spent. I made a decision to stop squandering it by conforming to society's predefined molds.

This is my time—time to be authentically me, unconcerned about the validation of peers, friends, neighbors, colleagues, or society as long as I am doing the right thing and being a good person. 

How To Stop Trying to Fit In and Finally Belong 👉 Read Here

10 Ways to Live Your Life for You

Embrace your individuality: Understand that you are unique, and your life is your own. You don't have to conform to others' expectations or opinions.

Focus on your own goals and dreams: Instead of worrying about what others think, focus on what you want to achieve in life. Set goals and work towards them.

Develop self-confidence: Believe in yourself and your abilities. The more confident you are, the less you will care about what others think.

Surround yourself with positive people: Choose friends and acquaintances who support and encourage you, rather than those who bring you down.

Learn to let go: Don't dwell on the opinions of others. Instead, learn to let go of negative thoughts and focus on the present moment.

Practice self-compassion: Be kind to yourself and understand that nobody is perfect. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you would offer to a friend.

Be assertive: Learn to communicate your needs and desires clearly and assertively. This will help you to stand up for yourself and live your life on your own terms.

Develop a sense of humor: Being able to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously can help you to stop caring about what others think.

Take risks: Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. The more you experience in life, the less you will care about what others think.

Remember that you only live once: Life is too short to spend it worrying about what others think. Live your life to the fullest and make the most of every moment.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Top 5 Winter Jeep Accessories

Embracing Old Man Winter
Essential Aftermarket Accessories for Your Jeep

Jeep with piles of snow

Welcoming Winter's Diverse Meanings for Jeepers

As Old Man Winter settles in, the Jeep community experiences a distinct shift in perspectives. While Southern Jeepers embrace topless adventures, the colder climate enthusiasts face an entirely different seasonal reality.

Challenges and Preparation for Colder Climate Jeepers

As the cold temperatures, snow, ice, sleet, road salt, and slushy mud mixture make their imminent approach, it's crucial to gear up your Jeep for the upcoming challenges. To conquer these hurdles, preparing your Jeep becomes an essential task.

Top 5 Winter Accessories 👉 Watch Here

My Top 5 Accessories to Make Winter More Tolerable

The Crucial Role of Snow Tires

tire treads

Winter driving in icy and snowy conditions demands proficient skills, coupled with the right set of winter-specific tires. The relationship between effective winter driving and snow and ice tires is inseparable. Ensuring your tires are neither old nor bald is critical; worn-out tires significantly increase the risk of sliding on snow and ice, regardless of your cautious approach.

In regions prone to heavy snowfall, opting for snow tires with thicker treads or studded tires becomes imperative. These specialized tires offer enhanced traction for braking and acceleration, providing the necessary grip to navigate safely through challenging winter terrains.

Nexen Roadian MTX Tire Review 👉 Read More 

Grille Guard for Winter Protection

front Jeep Grille

The function of a grille guard extends far beyond mere aesthetics; particularly during winter, there comes a point when driving your Jeep might lead to slipping and sliding. Whether it's a minor skid or an unexpected 360-degree twirl — occasionally a source of amusement — or witnessing another vehicle performing a slippery dance, a grille guard mounted on the front of your Jeep serves as a crucial protective barrier against front-end damage.

Jumper cables

Whether you get an inch of snow or several feet it pays to be prepared. Don’t forget your emergency kit for your Jeep as well. Depending on where you live and what kind of weather you get will determine what to put in your kit. 

Emergency Kit Ideas 👉 Read More

  • Shovel
  • Emergency blanket
  • Hand warmers
  • Flashlight
  • Kitty litter for traction
  • Hat/gloves/extra socks
  • Extra food and water  

Floor Mats for a Mess-Free Jeep Maintenance

All weather floor mats

Floor mats are an absolute necessity, particularly during winter, as they play a crucial role in containing the slushy mess created by snow and salt, ensuring effortless cleanup. Opting for a high-quality set of floor liners is key to managing this mess effectively. Look for mats crafted from rubberized or molded plastic materials for superior performance.

These specialized liners typically feature deep grooves designed to contain mud, slush, or water, along with tall sides that prevent overflow into the carpeted areas of your Jeep. The added convenience comes from the ease of removing the liners for a quick and efficient cleaning when necessary.

Jeep Momma Rugged Ridge Floor Mat Review 👉 Read More

Lasfit Floor Mat Review 👉 Read More

Winter Wiper Blades 

wiper blades 

There are different kinds of wiper blades. Some winters you could use your wiper blades more than in the summer. Not only will you want to keep that wiper fluid reservoir full you will also want to think about getting winter wiper blades. 

They are built with a protective rubber boot that helps keep snow and ice off the blade and use a high-grade rubber for superior performance in the wet winter weather.    

Wiper Blade Maintenance 👉 Read More

How To Autostick

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