Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top 10 tips to be Sexy Forever!

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a fatty liver.  The docs didn't seem too concerned with it. However, I was freaked out and
started trying different diets.  My goal was to lose 20 pounds.  No matter what I tried, I just couldn't get the weight off.  It wasn't until I came across Suzanne Somers website where it all started to make sense.  

So I bought her book Sexy Forever and the pounds just melted off.

I made my goal of 20 pounds.  After three months on the diet -- I stopped, but I did change my eating habits somewhat. The changes weren't enough to keep off the lost weight. I ended up gaining half of it back. So about six months ago I started exercising -- Lifting weights at the gym -- running -- toning exercises at home.  Four months and not one pound lost.  I was frustrated to say the least. So, I broke out the book again, and started the Sexy Forever diet. The weight started coming off.

Being a woman over 40 I know how hard it is to maintain that shape we had in our 20's.  Our bodies are tired, are livers are tired.  They just can't keep up with all the toxins we keep putting into our bodies. So our livers take those toxins and add them to fat cells. Then they slap those fat cells to our middles. When your liver doesn't work well your middle keeps growing.

Did you know 15 million Americans (adults and children) have Fatty Liver disease and most have no idea.  Obesity is a huge problem in America. We can easily solve that problem by eating healthier and reduce the toxins we put in our bodies.  

I can't keep eating like I used too. So I need to make some lifestyle changes. I will definitely miss those big plates of fettuccini alfredo with a white Italian loaf or that chocolate lava ice cream sundae. I will just need to limit those treats to once a year. Here are some of my tips to be a healthier person with a more productive liver. 

Jeep Momma's Top 10 tips to be Sexy Forever

1. Eat Organic as much as you can - especially raw fruits, vegis, nuts & seeds. This will lower the amount of toxins into your body.

2. Bath Organic putting all these chemicals on your skin also adds more toxins for your liver to process.  Your skin absorbs these chemicals into your body.

3. Add Beans to your diet -- they contain an amino acid that neutralizes toxins that cause stress on your liver. 

4. Anise Seeds in foods may stimulate the regeneration of healthy liver cells which flush out the fats.

5. Turmeric contains a chemical that may help protect the liver against damage caused by accumulated fats.

6. Eat Lean Proteins

7. Exercise - not your typical exercises like the stationary bike or treadmill or crunches or sit ups.  Experts say these do you no good. There are specific exercises out there just for women over 40 -- lunges - squats - mountain climbers and more.

8. Water - drink with a lemon and at least 8 glasses - 64 ounces a day.

9. Watch what you put in your body - Limit alcohol, processed foods  & carbs -- especially refined quick burning carbs like white flour & sugar.

10. Read the book Sexy Forever -- It worked and is working for me.  There are lots of tips like when to eat what foods. A certain combination of foods work better.

                         - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life! - 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Top 10 Midday Energy Boosting Tricks

It seems every afternoon around 2 or 3 o'clock I feel I need to take a nap.  This is called a siesta (Spanish pronunciation: [╦łsjesta]) -- a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries, particularly those where the weather is warm.  

Oh how nice it would be to curl up in my bed and doze for an hour or so.  Or even on a nice day lay under the warm sun on my hammock. But there is just too much to get done, I have to find other ways to re-energize that don't take up a lot of time. 

So here are my Top 10 ways to give myself that extra boost of energy in the afternoon.

First I answer the following questions...
--Am I sneaking sugar, grains and loads of carbs? NO
--Am I getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night? YES
--Have I slacked of on my exercise? NO
--Am I eating enough healthy fats for energy? YES

If I'm doing all that right, and I'm still lacking the much needed energy there's still hope.  I break out my list of tips or energy tricks.

1. Change Task -- Whatever I'm doing at the moment I find a different task to do. A change of scenery always seems to help.

2. Walk Outside -- a short fast paced walk also rejuvenates me.

3. Exercise -- I do a quick 4 minute workout.  Four minutes of non-stop cardio pumping exercises.  1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute push ups, 1 minute lunges and then 1 minute of squats. This really gets the heart pumping and blood flowing.

4.  Stretch -- depending on how low my energy is a nice stretch with some soothing music seems to replenish my energy.


5. Cat Nap -- You have to be careful with this one.  I make sure I only close my eyes for 5 minutes.  Plus, I take my cat naps sitting up, otherwise I will be napping for hours. 

6. Hydrate -- I make sure I'm drinking plenty of water with a slice of lemon.

7. Light Lunch -- I'm always mindful to eat my carbs in the morning for breakfast.  If I eat a big carb filled lunch it always seems to drag me down.

 8.  Apples -- a nice juicy Red Delicious apple always seems to hit the spot.

9.  Music -- I turn on some of my favorite songs I like to dance to.  I'm a big fan of classic rock, and that always seem to give me a re-boost of energy.

10. Blast of Fresh Air --
But of course my favorite way to get my biggest boost of energy is to get a blast of fresh air and sun.  The best way to do that is to hop in my Jeep with the op down, turn up the radio, and take a ride. And I'm off to get myself energized!    

    - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life! - 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's A Jeep Thing!

Jeep = Passion

Passion  ( pshn) -- A powerful emotion -- Ardent love -- The object of such love or desire -- Boundless enthusiasm -- An abandoned display of emotion.

Jeep owners -- we -- are very passionate about our Jeeps. A Jeep is not just a regular vehicle to us. We don't just hop over to the nearest car wash to clean our Jeep. A scrub brush with some soap just doesn't do the job.  A Jeep needs that specialized care only a true Jeeper can understand.

I like to keep my Jeep looking nice and feeling special. I hear it time and time again -- "Jeeps are suppose to be dirty".  But there's a difference between dirty (with mud), and dirty with nasty garbage, salt from the road, pollen on the soft top, or bird poo.

Yes, I like to spend three hours on a Saturday to hand wash my Jeep with special tender, loving care. Yes, I keep the inside clean. Yes, I buy specialized cleaners to take care of my Jeep, especially the soft top. Some people like to tease me (laugh at me) because they say I'm being scammed spending extra money on those special cleaners. Well, It's MY JEEP, and if I... want to spend 20 extra bucks, because it makes me, AND MY JEEP, happy. Well... I'll do it, because you know what... It's a Jeep Thing.  You just don't understand!

I even went out an bought the special zipper lube. I am a proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Sahara Edition.  I respect the Jeep"Respect the Jeep" means giving a little extra. A Jeep is not just a vehicle -- it's a lifestyle.  

It's not just a big investment, but my Jeep is my Passion. If I want to spend three hours on Saturday giving my Jeep a cleaning -- I will.  If I want to spend a couple extra bucks for special cleaners for my soft top -- I will. Quit dis'n me.  Just get in your grocery getter or crossover, and head to the nearest car wash sipping your mocha latte. I'll stick with my bottle of water, 3 hour personalized car wash, wind blown hair and skipping that latte for $20 cleaner any day!

Back on the Road for
my Next Adventure!Happy Trails!


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