Years ago I spent hours reflecting on my life trying to discover my new passion and purpose. Knowing your purpose in life can take a lifetime for some. Your purpose is the central motivating aim of your life.

Purpose is the reason you get up in the morning!  
Purpose can guide your life decisions. 
Purpose can create meaning in your life. 
Purpose can be meaningful work.

My purpose has changed over time. At one time I wanted to help make a difference in the world by working in TV news informing people. At times it was gratifying like when we helped get a law changed. 
Then I became a mother and aimed to raise healthy, happy children. Then... As children grew older, I didn't know where my place in the world was until after much reflection. Now my purpose is to share, inspire and help others. 

One time after a day on the trails,  I came across this Awesome Jeep Girl. Her words gave me the encouragement to continue on with my Journey! 

 I Met this couple July 2019 on the trails at Rausch Creek.They couldn't believe they saw me as they followed me on YouTube. 

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