Saturday, January 30, 2021

Reflections From 2020

2020 was a pretty crappy year for most people. Mine started
out really hard having to leave my boys in Maryland because of my separation.

Hardest Week Of My Life  January 7,2020

I had a plan though. A plan to see them. A plan to fly them to Utah for EJS. A plan to fly home to visit. So many visits planned. Then the pandemic hit and the world went topsy turvy. 

I did go back to the East Coast in January. That was a huge mistake. It was too much for me to go to the home I built for my family only to be a guest. I had a mini meltdown.

Life in 2020 was difficult and crappy for a lot of folks. But enough of the negative. I want to remember all the good that came of 2020.  

Reflections of 2020
by Me 

My adventure partner and best friend, Neil, taught me some great life lessons this past year.

Patience & Flexibility & Positivity

Patience to enjoy the journey not worry about the desitination. Flexibility to change course at a moments notice. Positivity to look at the good of life not the bad. 

I know 2020 was a bad year for lots of people, myself included. There were some low times for me. As I look back, I am going to remember the good times, and my great accomplishments.

I wheeled the Rubicon Trail with my two sons! The Rubicon Trail was a Bucket List item from the first year I had my Jeep. 

Off Roading was always a hard one for me because no one in my family would go with me. So who would have ever expected my two boys would be on the trail with me. It was an amazing experience to share with them.

It was awesome to have them their with me. I have Neil to thank for that as he encouraged them to join us.  You can read all about the adventure by clicking on the Rubicon Trail link under More Jeep Momma on the right side of my Blog.  

I attended my first ever Easter Jeep Safari, even though it was cancelled, we still wheeled many trails. It was very eery being the only Jeepers in Moab. However, we made the most of it. 

Neil and I had our first Fan Ride. We overlanded the Mojave Desert with some amazing Jeep friends. 

Neil, Mike and I wheeled some of the toughest trails in the
country in Kingman, AZ with a great Jeep Group. 

Neil and I rescued and rebuilt many Jeeps. 



This past year I have added so many great Jeep friends to my life. At the same time I figured out who all those toxic friends were in my life and let them go. 

I spent some amazing healing moments with my niece on the gulf coast of Texas.

My relationship with my two sons has grown beyond what I have ever imagined. I shot my first ever handgun and have to say I have pretty good aim. 

I have gained grit & fortitude & so much confidence.

So... Take a Moment and Find the Positive for Yourself From This Past Year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Obsessive Jeep Disorder

Hi, My name is Tammy and I have O – J – D.

When I first bought my Jeep, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t realize the addiction I was instore for. I knew nothing of Jeeps nor this whole new world I was entering. 

I kept hearing… It's a Jeep thing you wouldn't understand. Or Jeep equals Just Empty Every Pocket. Now seven years later I get it. I began to become addicted just a few months after I bought my Jeep. It grabs hold of you quickly and… It’s called Obsessive jeep Disorder.

All us Jeepers get that saying. We say it a lot to our non-Jeep friends and family. We love our Jeeps. Our Jeeps make us happy. Our Jeeps are like a part of the family. For some of us… our Jeep has changed our life. But how do you know if you have Obsessive Jeep Disorder? How do you know if Jeep is your obsession? 

 Top 10 Signs of Obsessive Jeep Disorder

  • You see the UPS Driver more than you see your friends.
  • You have a pile of worn Jeep catalogs in the bathroom for serious reading
  • You think about your Jeep even when you are not driving it. 
  • You park next to any Jeep you see no matter how far you need to walk to your destination. 
  • You have more pictures of your Jeep on social media than of your kids or your pet.
  • You are constantly opening the door to the garage  or looking out your window to make sure your Jeep is okay.
  • You are constantly buying Jeep parts, whether they are serious mods or silly little accessories, just to get your Jeep Parts fix.
  • You ask the hostess at a restaurant to seat you at a table by the window, so you can keep an eye on your Jeep.
  • You get angry when your Jeep Wave doesn't get returned.
  • You sell your kids Legos so you can buy more Jeep Parts.  

One or more of these signs and you have Obsessives Jeep Disorder. To non-Jeep friends and family, they might feel you need to be committed. However, they don’t understand because.. it’s a Jeep Thing. 

Remember you are not alone… you are part of a big, wonderful Jeep family! This family is there for you. To help encourage you through this amazing time of your life. They will encourage you to keep buying more Jeep Stuff. They will join in on your outrage for not getting that Jeep wave. They may even give you their old Jeep Parts for support. And… they may even encourage you… to buy another Jeep. 

Don’t be ashamed… own that Jeep Life and hold your head high. Walk into that family gathering with confidence knowing you are living the best life out there! Take that Jeep with you everywhere, go to the top of a mountain or through the desert. Don’t let those negative Nellies stop you from your happiness.

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