Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Oil Leak Blog Post 

I had my housing assembly replaced. The mechanic that worked on my Jeep
he sees this type of leak a lot because people over torque the plastic part and it cracks, and cold temperatures make it worse. Plus, it looks like this issue is a design flaw….

The Chrysler Pentastar V6 oil filter housing and cooler assembly for 3.2L and 3.6L engines can become warped, brittle and crack over time with constant exposure to engine bay heat. I read this serious flaw in the design of the Pentastar oil filter housing and cooler assembly and often results in severe oil and coolant leaks and can have catastrophic consequences. 
Over the years there has been speculation that Chrysler cut a fewcorners with the Pentastar V6 and the original equipment parts. The plastic oil filter housing and cooler assembly is one example. The number of complaints for this part is staggering.  There have been so many complaints – with the OE replacements even, that Chrysler has discontinued the manufacturing of the Pentastar oil filter housing and cooler assembly. Even more surprising is that Chrysler has known about this problem for a long time and has never issued a recall.

I called around and three major auto parts stores shared, the factory part is no longer available and claimed it hasn't been available for a year and a half. So I tried to go with the Dorman Aluminum upgrade. That part is not available right now.  If you suspect this problem in your Jeep you better start hunting for the part now. The Dorman aluminum aftermarket part is very, very hard to get. If one does come in it doesn't stay in the store for more than a day. 

I found the aftermarket part. $259.99. You need to buy the manifold set too, $51.99 easy to get. It’s still plastic but not the OEM part Standard Autos Part which will also work. 

I am hoping my oil leak woes are solved because I still have some work to do on my Jeep fixing unfinished work from the previous garage I was using. Installing aftermarket lower control arm brackets and the one shock mount. Plus, finishing the work on the axle truss. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Loving After Emotional Abuse

Traveling this bumpy road of healing, I find myself faced with so many obstacles. As I do when I am traversing the trails in my Jeep, I am extremely cautious because I don't want to get broken again. Wandering down this bumpy road of life broken and trying to put my pieces back together is extremely hard. I have found myself distrustful of everyone I meet. I question everything someone tells me. There are days I feel like everyone is against me and I analyze everything endlessly in my mind. 

When you have been abused, like severe psychological abuse, your perceptions
and view of the world are altered. I lived in a very dark place for several months where my reality was purposely played with by the one person I believed loved me and I trusted. I am afraid I will never get back to that place of loving another person again. It makes me sad because I have so much love to give but I am terrified of being crushed and tossed aside again. The walls around me are stone and high. 

I gave my whole heart to another person only to have it smashed with a hammer so opening up to another person like that again will take a lot of time. I hope I can open up. Right now I don't know if I will ever be able to do that and both those thoughts terrify me. Never being able to give and receive love vs. giving my heart and soul only to have it stomped on and thrown to the vultures has me frozen with fear. Opening myself up to another person friend or a loving life partner will take a lot of work and extreme patience. 

Along this journey I have met so many others on this same healing journey all at different points. I have learned a lot from these same survivors and I wanted to pass on some tips shared with me. It is all about finding yourself after losing yourself to the emotional manipulations. 

  • Fully heal before getting into another relationship.
  • Focus on your recovery. 
  • When you decide to get into another relationship take things slowly
  • If you have people in your life who you trust, who you have known for a long time. Talk to them, they will love you for you, and remind you who you truly are not the person you became from the abuse. 
  • Realize that there are only two primary emotions in life, LOVE and FEAR. You need to get rid of the fear and replace that fear with love. That could be love for things you love to do, love for people who are close to you, love for your work, love of beautiful environments
  • Don’t beat yourself up, you might be a changed person, but you will also be a wiser person
  • Write down a list of ten things that you love about YOU. 

I am trying to come to terms with the risks of meeting another sociopath. My fear is getting involved in another horrible situation but in the same breath missing out on making new friends because I am so fearful. Right now it's baby steps. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

My Emotional Journey

 My Book is Now for Sale on Amazon!

“Let it Go”
“Silently Walk Away”
"Get Over It”
“Put it Behind You and Move On”
I have heard those words over & over the past several months. It has taken me a long time and a lot of research to process everything I have discovered about what I went through. What I experienced is deeper than your normal end of the relationship process because it wasn’t a normal, loving, caring relationship. I decided to be me and do what I do best, Powerfully Take a Stand.

So, I wrote a book about my experience. It is raw and emotional. I expose so much of myself personally, but I needed to share with the world in hopes one day my words might comfort or help someone else through their healing process or even prevent someone from going through the pain in the first place.

I encourage you to read my story as you may better understand the seriousness of emotional abuse. I recently came across a Netflix Documentary that is on a larger scale but it similar to my story. I was lucky and got out in time before I went down the rabbit hole too far.

During my process of journaling and researching, my writing turned into a story which turned into my first book. I learned so much I never knew before I started to research. There are millions and millions of people living this pain EVERY – SINGLE – DAY! My hope is to raise awareness, bring compassion and understanding of letting the victim voice their pain and frustration over and over if needed. Healing from this can take months even years and the first step is education and awareness.

I would love your support in the purchase of my book on Amazon. Please leave a review and share with your friends. We need to spread awareness!

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