Friday, July 18, 2014

Tattoo #2

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It's true what they say about getting a tattoo ~ "They are addicting!" For me that is so true. Not even a week after I got my first tattoo I was already scheduling my second appointment. Within the month I drove back to Classic Electric Tattoo and was inked for a second time.  

The first question everyone asks is "Does it hurt?" Well, of course it does! They are cutting into my skin. But in all honesty, for me it's a good kind of hurt because I know the outcome is going to be something beautiful and it's worth the pain. Kind of -- Mind you I say KIND OF -- like giving birth. I know, I know the pain is a gazillion times worse giving birth. But in the end it's worth it and you quickly forget how much it hurt.

For me a tattoo isn't just a tattoo for the sake of getting inked. My tattoos have special meaning to me personally. They are reminders.

The violets on my wrist are in memory of my grandmother - her favorite flowers. And of course my favorite color is purple.   

The dragonfly for instance has several symbolic meanings that all fit into this particular moment in my life. -- A dragonfly represents change and is a reminder that when our deeper thoughts come to the surface we must pay attention. A dragonfly also lives a very short life. The dragonfly knows to live it's life to the fullest.

Seeing the dragonfly everyday reminds me to live my life to the fullest ~~ go after what I want full throttle. It's how I'm living my life now. It's time to make things happen and go for it. No holding back, life is too short to say I'll do it later or next year. I am now actively working towards my goals, checking them off my list one at a time and creating new goals.

Now that tattoo number two has healed I have already begun the process of tattoo number three. I know what design I would like. Now I need to figure out where it will go. This tattoo will be more about my personality and who I am.  I also have thoughts on number 4 as well. 

Life is too short to sit around and say later... The time to live is now in the present - time to make things happen.  Just like the Jeep Motto... Go Anywhere! Do Anything! 

                         -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Saving for Upgrades

My friends think I am crazy. My family knows I'm crazy. But until I can find a job I will be knee deep in Lego's! Spending my days and nights assembling Lego's and searching for that one piece. It's my way to earn money for my Jeep parts.

I struck a deal with my kids. We are selling the bins and bins of their Lego's. When I started breaking out the bins I realized there is more in my house I can get rid off and make a little cash. It all fits into my life simple and declutter mindset. So it's a double benefit. Make money to buy Jeep parts to make me happy and declutter my home and make my whole family happy! You might not think that would make a whole family happy but in the subconscious mind it's a big stress reliever for the whole family once you get rid of the clutter. 

So now my dining room and guest bedroom have turned into Lego Central. I have now gotten into a rythmn and have begun listing my auctions on eBay.

I haven't even made a dent in the thousands of Legos.  So far I've made $200 to put into my Jeep Parts fund! That's even after I give my kids their cut. This is also a great learning opportunity for my kids and a way for them to save for something special they want. 

If you want to check out my auctions here's the link!

In the meantime it's back to my new job -- at least until I can find a real job. Which could be a while. It's tough out their especially for a stay at home mom who has been out of the workforce for 15 years. Plus, I have no interest in getting back into my old career of TV news. So now a question for myself -- what do I want to do? Maybe I could sell Jeeps! Or I could work at the Lego store.  

              -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

Monday, July 7, 2014

Jeep Storage Solution

After weeks of searching and contemplating, I finally decided on my Jeep storage solution. I ended up getting the Tuffy lockable storage unit made for the two door CJ.

This storage unit is the perfect fit for my needs and my Jeep. The lockable unit made for the 2013 Wrangler was just too much storage for me and a little out of my budget. Plus, it would have taken up the whole back end and I still need some of that space. I use my Jeep for a mom's everyday needs like grocery shopping and hauling my boys to their activities.

I ended up finding this unit on Craig's list from a local Jeeper and got a great deal. I was pretty excited to meet this local Jeeper that lived close by. But it turns out he is moving and doesn't even off road. Bummer!

I'm glad I ended up finding something less expensive on Craig's list because now when I change my mind later -- and I do tend to do that -- I will feel better because I didn't dish out a ton of cash. But for now this is the perfect fit. That's what I love about my Jeep -- I can make it my own to fit my Jeeping needs.

Now -- on to the bumper or maybe the rocker guards instead. I'm still torn on what to do first. But my Jeep fund is starting to grow. My first auctions on EBay ended and the money is starting to come in. YEAH! Rubicon Trail get ready -- Here I come! 

                 -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 2 of my Jeep Fund Journey

My plan to save money for my Jeep fund went into full swing yesterday. I have two goals in mind.

Goal #1  Save enough money to fly out to Northern California to ride the Rubicon Trail in a rented Jeep. This is one of my bucket list items. Yes, it would be cool to do this in my own Jeep but for me that is an unrealistic expectation living on the other coast with a stock Jeep. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. So the best way is to get with an outfitter.

Goal #2  Save enough money to modify my Jeep. My first thought was to get a recovery front bumper. I have gotten a lot of comments and suggestions. I would like to thank everyone for their input. But now I'm wavering on this modification. Again it boils down to my off road lifestyle I want to lead. Will I really need and use a winch. Most likely not. I'm a really good driver and wouldn't get stuck! HAHA! Seriously. How often would I need to use a winch? But... I really, really like the looks of some of those bumpers. I want my Jeep to be unique to my personality. If I don't do a lot of off roading do I need a different front bumper? Will my stock bumper suffice? But I like the look of the other bumpers.  

So bumper it is. Winch maybe not. We will see.

Well, as I said my plan is in full swing. I have several items up for sale on Ebay. I have many more waiting in the wings to list for auction. I was also able to convince my kids it's time to sell the bins and bins of Legos. We struck a good deal and it looks like I found my job for the next couple of months ~ Lego builder. I will be putting together Legos and selling them on eBay. Most of the money going into the Jeep Fund.

Thanks to all the great advice and suggestions on the bumpers. I will be doing some more research  to find the right fit for my Jeep and my needs.

-- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My first Mod or Rubicon Trail Ride

Many of you know I have a bucket list, right? One of the items on that bucket list is to head out to Northern California to ride the Rubicon Trail. Well, in my little... itty... bitty... stock Jeep that would be difficult to do. I don't think she could make it over those trails. Plus, the drive out and back across the country would be quite a bit of gas money. It would be cheaper to fly. So I looked into it and found an outfitter that will take me out onto the Rubicon Trail for the day for $600.

So my saving plan began. So far I have $700 saved. $100 from a blog event I attended. All I had to do was post on social media and I got a check. Then my husband and I went and listened to a timeshare pitch while on vacation. I got another $100. Plus saving a little here and there.

But now my dilemma -- Sigh -- Do I keep saving for my trip or use the money to make my first modification to my Jeep. After much research and reading about other Jeeper's experiences I found my best route is to start with recovery equipment. So for Mother's Day my family bought me some recovery gear. Now it's time for a recovery front bumper with a winch. So I've been researching. I've narrowed it down to four bumpers.

   Rampage Recovery Style Front Bumper (88510) 

$600 on eBay or Amazon

 Warn Elite Series Front Bumper with Grille Guard (87750) $734 on

Quadrate Q Series Winch in black w/smittybuilt XRC M.O.D Front Bumper w/Full End Caps (12051.244.X.A.) $790 on

Rampage Products Front Recovery Bumper (121221.100X) $595 on

So I guess I have two dilemma's now. Rubicon Trail vs. Bumper -- and now --- which bumper?


I have decided I want both!!! With determination and creativity I will do it. Here's my plan... 

Since Jeep parts and Jeep trips are not a necessity for a family of four, I need to be very creative when saving my money. I am trying to find a job but that is very difficult especially for someone who hasn't been in circulation for 15 years. So my dilemma... How do I save this money?

EBAY!  I now have some running clothes and jeans that are too big for me. Instead of giving them to charity I will eBay them. I also have a pair of expensive running shoes I don't like so why not make a few bucks.

My birthday is fast approaching so maybe I can talk my family into a Jeep bumper as my gift.

So begins my journey to hit the Rubicon Trail and start my Jeep modifications. 
Follow me on this journey as I save for my new bumper. I will post my first auction today and then begin looking for more ways to earn and save Jeep money. I would love to hear your suggestions on ways to make an extra buck. 

AND.... What are your thoughts on my choice of bumpers?

     -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

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