Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Changed My Mind!

After deciding to ditch my 50 Before 50 list, I was feeling a little guilty. The cool thing about my blog is, it is like a public diary, a place to share my thoughts for the moment. Then I get comments, and it helps me reflect.  I am not a person to quit what I started. So, as in womanly fashion, I have changed my mind. The 50 Before 50 list is back on, but I will revise it to fit my motto.  

My motto is, pretty much live simple and enjoy life. For me "Enjoy Life" means doing the things that make me happy and don't feel like a chore. 

This past week I was able to check two items off my list -- donate blood for the first time. This was a really great experience. I donated to the Children's Hospital, which means my blood will help 3 to 4 kids with cancer. 

The other item was to get my 4th tattoo. Getting a tattoo is very cathartic for me. The pain, which is bearable, is like a release of negative emotions. 

This 4th tattoo is of gladiolus, my birth flower, and three butterflies. The three butterflies signify three moments in time that altered my most recent life's path. One small moment in time can change the direction of your life. For me it is about embracing the little moments. 

So time to re-visit my list -- revise and edit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Remember this is not a bucket list, I all ready have one of those. This list is about trying things I haven't tried or done before that are simple. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bucket List: #5 Check

Well, I patiently waited until last Friday to call about my new lift and tires. It looks like I am going to have to be more patient.  They are waiting on my RockSport shocks. I have waited for at least a year and a half for my lift what is another week, Right?! 

Instead of being frustrated and upset, I will look for the silver lining in all this. This waiting gave me a chance to re-think ditching my 50 Before 50 list. I am not a quitter, so I will forge ahead with my list. However, I will revise it. Stay tuned for for my revised 50 Before 50 list.

And guess what I was able to check off an item this weekend. I donated a pint of blood to the Children's Hospital. My blood will in turn help three to four kids with cancer. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bucket List: #35, #32 Check

17 weeks left until my birthday. Which means, I will be cutting it close to finishing my 50 before 50 list. I am not sure I will check off all the items on my list. As a matter of fact, I know I won't. That doesn't mean I'm a failure.  

   Jeep Momma's 50 Before 50 List

For me it is all about growing, and reminding myself I don't need to be like everyone else. I am unique!!! It's okay that I have never tried Sushi or ever watched Gone with the Wind. 

 As the big Five-Oh approaches, my list has reminded me of what is important to me. My 50 before 50 list was a great reminder that it's not necessarily about what I have done, but have I enjoyed my life? -- am I living it to the fullest? Am I having fun?

For me living life to the fullest means doing things I enjoy, not wasting a moment doing the things that I don't enjoy just because others have done it or it's expected. 

I don't think I will ever finish a novel I was suppose to read in high school. Trying to read the Grapes of Wrath was a chore for me.  The Grapes of Wrath is an award winning book, but it just isn't for me. Reading a whole chapter about a turtle crossing the road is just not something I enjoy. 

So I have officially ended trying to complete my 50 before 50 list. Instead I will do the things I enjoy and make me happy. Words we should all live by! Life is to short to do the things that we are expected to do. 

I believe, life isn't about the destination, but the journey. And I am going to enjoy my journey to it's fullest. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wax on Fenders

Last May I told you about waxing my Jeep and getting some wax on my black plastic fenders. 

There were several suggestions on how to get the wax off the fenders. I tried several of them. One was to use peanut butter. It looked liked it worked. BUT IT DIDN'T! The wax is back and now, to me, it looks worse. 

I am at a loss on how to get rid of it. I might try a blow dryer and wire brush this weekend. However I did find this... Mothers Back-to-Black Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner. It states restores dull, faded exterior trim & plastic. Naturally clean finish not a cover up.

I am a little nervous about using it. Has anyone used it before?    

               - Living Simple! - Enjoying Life! -

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Can't Stand the Waiting!

Last Tuesday I ordered my new 35" Goodyear Duratracs ,
17" Black Rock Steel Wheels and my 3.5" MetalCloak Lift Kit! It's been a week of waiting and I have at least another week or two to go before my Jeep parts will be added to my Jeep.  I cannot stand the waiting. So I must find something to pre-occupy my thoughts while the parts are shipped. 

So I decided to work on my 4th tattoo. You know just like Jeep's tattoos are just as addicting. 

I have an idea in my head what I want so I have been scouring the internet for pictures so I can give my guy a visual of my idea. Here are some of the pictures I picked out. 

Now I just need to schedule an appointment and get it done! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

See What I Did Now!

I am so excited! I just can't wait for my new Jeep Parts to arrive. 

While I was waiting to get my oil changed and the undercarriage of my Rubicon checked out I ordered some Jeep parts with Chuck at the Extreme Motorsports shop at Adams Jeep. 

Drum Roll.....

Here is what I ordered.

17" Steel Black Rock wheels

35" Goodyear Duratracs


JK Wrangler True Dual-Rate Lift Kit, 3.5"RockSport
This lift will allow me to upgrade/add on if I feel I need to in the future. For now this should satisfy me. BWAHAHAHA

                      - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Rubicon is Just Not Doing it For me!

Just Sayin'...

I'm getting my oil changed here at Adams Jeep of Maryland - Adams Extreme Motorsports.  

As I look around their parking lot my mouth begins to water. My little Rubicon looks like a baby. I just can't take it anymore! 

I am taking the plunge!!!

Tune in tomorrow to see what I did.

                      - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -

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