Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea #10

Mechanix Work Gloves 
A must for all Jeepers who do their own wrenching on their Jeep. Protects your hands from cuts and scratches. Plus gives you good grip. These made a big difference for me when I was trying to loosen those stubborn bolts.

Other Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Gear Plate Cover

Easy Screw, Top Tool™ 
use the Coupon Code: JeepMomma
Get 15% off

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wax: The Saga Continues

The Saga continues...

Wax on my fenders.

May of 2015 I decided to wax my Jeep and ended up getting some of the wax on my fenders. Yeah... yeah... I know I should have taped them, or used a different kind of wax. Well a little too late. 

So for over a year I have trying many home remedies and store products to get rid of the wax. 

Finally in September, I thought I found the solution, Mother's Back to Black, until a heavy rain poured down onto my Jeep. 

The rain transformed my fenders back to the same old wax stained fenders. It seems everything I use is a short term cover up, not a removal.

I resigned myself to the fact the wax was there to stay. But just recently a fellow Jeeper, Gary Perkins, suggested a new solution. So I said "What the Heck" and gave it a try.

 Milsek Furniture oil. The labels suggests it polishes and cleans at the same time. It is meant to protect wood finishes from moisture and dry air. As well as cover scratch marks and remove water rings. 

It is also supposed to remove soap film from shower doors. AND... you can use it on all wood surfaces, vinyl, car bumpers and dash. So I gave it a try by squeezing some of the oil on a damp cloth and began to scrub.

It sure shined up those dull faded fenders. Plus the wax is gone. But is it really gone or just covered up. Only time will tell. 

Oh I forgot... It also leaves a fresh, clean scent. My bottle was a holiday-raspberry scent. The squirrels seem to like it as I found one on my rear tire this afternoon. 

Stay tuned for an update on the Saga of Wax. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea #9

Gear Plate Cover

A cool accent to add your own personal touch to your Jeep. I bought one and will be painting it purple! Only $9.50

Other Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Easy Screw, Top Tool™ 
use the Coupon Code: JeepMomma
Get 15% off

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Idea #7

Ace Engineering Jacket 

Perfect gift for the Wrangler Owner who loves to go topless in the winter!  

I so want one of these! 


"Sick of shivering on those early morning trail rides with your top down and doors off? You need the patent pending ACE Engineering Lava Jacket! Our ACE Nylon pull over jacket ties into the heater vent of your JK to transfer heat directly into the jacket. Plus it converts into the ACE Frosty Jacket during hot summer months; just switch over to A/C! Comes in black with the ACE logo on the front pocket and the ACE Rock Crawler image on the back. Stay toasty my friends! Current lead-time 1 to 2 weeks on shipping."

Other Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Jeep Socks

DFO Hammocks

Magnetic Finger Tool

Door Handle Inserts

Shifter Knob

Knit Jeep Beanie Hat

All these gift ideas are mine and mine alone.
 I was not compensated in any form for this series of posts. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Easy Screw Top Tool Review

The folks over at
 Easy Screw, Top Tool™ reached out to me, and asked if I would try out their new Jeep Wrangler tool. This nifty tool makes it a snap to remove those cumbersome three piece Freedom Hard Tops. Unfortunately, my Rubicon is a soft top only.

So I asked if I could get my friend, CPO from OverClock3d, to try it out for me. They agreed, and CPO jumped at the chance to test out this product. 

CPO Product Spotlight - Easy Screw Top Tool 

You might ask, why is this tool needed?  Well, from what I am told about hard tops, they can be cumbersome to remove with their long threaded, hand turned screws that are awkwardly placed. 

There are two hand screws that seal down the front two pieces of the three piece freedom top.

           CPO says "This is Genius!"

It works with Jeep Wranglers, 2007 to the present. This hard top removal tool fits right into hand screws, and allows the user to remove or install them mechanically, making this chore much easier.  

This Jeep hard top tool is a must have for every Wrangler owner with a hard top. All you need is a Black & Decker cordless screwdriver. The folks at Easy Screw, Top Tool ™ recommend that is all you use. The increased torque and speed of a cordless or corded drills could possibly damage your Jeep screws or the holes into which they fit.

CPO says "It's So Simple"

Always start the hand screws by hand. Never start the hand screws with the Easy Screw, Top Tool ™. Failure to follow these directions could result in cross threading the hand screws or damage to the threaded holes in your Jeep.

You can purchase this tool at www.easyscrewtoptool.com for $19.99 with free shipping.

Thanks CPO - Overclock3d for trying out this Hard Top Tool for me. Check out CPO's website for other great "Product Spotlights"! 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Still Wheel Like My Jeep is Stock

Spending two years on stock wheels and no lift has taught me how to carefully pick my lines when I am out on the trails. Wheeling my Jeep, which is my daily driver, has also taught me to be a cautious wheeler.   

Old "habits" are sure hard to break. I have only been wheeling three times since I have lifted my Jeep and added bigger tires. I still seem to wheel like my Jeep is stock. 

It has been hard for me to drive the trails a little less like I am stock. I guess it will take some more wheeling time to build my confidence in my Jeep.  My brain tells me my Jeep is so much more capable, but there is still a part of me that worries too much. 

Here's a video of some parts of my 3rd time wheeling my lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon at Women's Wheeling at Rausch Creek Off Road Park ~ Click Here 

Thanks to Venture4WD.com for some great pictures of my Jeep out on the trails.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Idea #6

Here is a great gift for any Jeeper! Socks! I have at least six pair of these socks. They are so comfy and warm. Great for those trail rides in the winter. The best part is they come in purple!  

Jeep Socks ~ In Several Colors 
$14 to $20 for 3 pair
Check out AllThingsJeep.com for their sales prices

Other Stocking Stuffer Ideas

DFO Hammocks 
39.87 DFO.com

Magnetic Finger Tool

$9.95 - TheBustedKnuckleGarage.com 

Door Handle Inserts 

Set of 5 inserts for $35.96

Shifter Knob -Click Here
Some ideas from Extreme Terrain 

Knit Jeep Beanie Hat
$14.99 AllThingsJeep.com

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