Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Ladies Off Road Network Trail Training

Trail Training... You can never get enough!

Recovery Training... I just hope I never have to use it on my Jeep! 

Meeting like minded women... A Bonus!!!

Charlene Bower with the Ladies Off Road Network is on a whirlwind trail training tour across the East Coast and Midwest. Luckily for me one of the stops was at a Maryland 
4 Wheel Parts shop close to my home. It was five hours of awesome trail knowledge, meeting like-minded women who live in my area, and re-uniting with the person who helped me overcome a fear. 

Charlene is i4wdta trained and certified. (International Four Wheel Drive Trainer's Association)

We learned about the hi-lift jack...


...recovery techniques

...and all things tires.

My favorite part was learning about the tires. There was so much new information I did not know. Do you know what tire siping is? I do now. Can you change a 37" tire on a lifted Jeep by yourself? I can!!!

The knowledge Charlene shared about all things tires and more has given me even more confidence to be out on the trails. AND the confidence to make good buying decisions. 

I have been to a handful of off-training classes. Each time I gain more and more knowledge about my Jeep, off-roading, recovery and so much more.

Check out my interview with Charlene on the Jeep Talk Show podcast! Episode 347

You Can Become a Member of this Awesome Network of Ladies too!!! 

By becoming a member of Ladies Off Road Network you are eligible for monthly giveaways of some really awesome products! You also become part of a really great network of like-minded women! If you do sign up make sure you list Tammy - Jeep Momma as the person who referred you. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Second Generation Wrangler ~~ TJ (1996 - 2006)

This Jeep Wrangler arrived in Jeep showrooms in April 1996, after six years of overall investment and a 36 month production development phase.

...From the Wrangler TJ onwards, all Wranglers were fitted with coil-spring instead of leaf-spring suspension.

...Reintroduced the round headlamps from the classic Jeep models.

...Late in its life-cycle, a long-wheelbase Unlimited model was introduced.

A right hand drive version of the TJ was available for export markets, and offered for sale to U.S. rural postal carriers only. This package featured the Dana 44 rear axle and hardtop with the 4.0 and the automatic transmission.

In 1998...

  • The fuel tank became standard at 19 U.S. gallons capacity.

 In 1996...

  • The side door mirrors were black metal framed.

In 2002...

  • The 3-speed automatic transmission was replaced with a 4-speed automatic with overdrive.
  • The overdrive had a turn off switch on the dash.
  • The sound bar inside was changed to sound pods.
  • The interior seats went from a rounder model to a distinct separation between back and headrest areas.

In 2003...

  • The side door mirrors were plastic molded mirrors.
  • The radio bezels went from a rectangle to a rounded-edged rectangle.
  • The standard skid plate was revised to make room for the Rubicon's bigger NV241OR transfer case. 
North American TJ/Wranglers were available in several standard trim features.
  • The 4.0 L optional for 2005–2006.
  • Vinyl seats.
  • Rear removable bench seat.
  • Some Sport models featured the Dana 44 rear axle, 3.73 axle ratio, and 30" wheel and tire group are optional. The Dana 44 could also be upgraded with a Trac-Lok limited slip differential case. 

Some Sahara models came with a wider body, colored fender flares, body colored rocker sills, optional 30-inch wheel and tire group, and full steel doors. The Sahara also features exclusive decals, seats and trim. The Dana 44 rear axle and 3.73 axle ratio were optional.

Stock Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

The Wrangler Rubicon (named for the famed Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains) was introduced in the summer of 2002. It featured front and rear air actuated locking Dana 44 axles with the Rock-Trac NV241 4:1 ratio transfer case, diamond plate rocker panels, 16-inch alloy wheels, and Goodyear MTR P245/75-R16 tires. 

In the 2005 model year, Paramount released the movie Sahara which featured a Jeep Wrangler. Jeep released a limited production "Sahara Edition" Unlimited Rubicon. Only 1000 were produced and each one is numbered. They are all visually identical, Light Khaki, but some were offered in a manual and others an automatic. They also included a chrome grille, color matched flares, khaki hard top or soft top, as well as optional dual khaki tops, Graphite Moab wheels, a Sahara spare tire cover, upgraded two-tone premium seats, Sahara decals, taillight guards, and a numbered dash badge.

2003 Tomb Raider Edition:
This Jeep Wrangler Rubicon model was produced, about 1K, to promote the Tomb Raider sequel, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life. 

Along with the standard Rubicon fare, it also included 6-inch Alcoa forged aluminum wheels, Tomb Raider badging, and a Mopar light bar, riveted fender flares, tubular grille guard, diamond-plated bumper guard, etc. 
Interior features included Dark Slate fabric seats with red accent stitching down the center, silver surround instrument panel bezel, red seat belts, and a Tomb Raider badge with serial number. The 2003 "Tomb Raider" Limited Edition Wrangler Rubicon has become one of the most highly collectible jeeps of all-time.

Other Trim Models

60th Anniversary Edition
65th Anniversary Edition
Apex Edition
Columbia Edition
Freedom Edition
2006 Golden Eagle Edition
Golden Eagle Edition
Rocky Mountain Edition
Willy's Edition

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Declutter My Soul

Part of my Jeep Journey includes simplicity and minimalism. My goal is to work on me, to make more time for the things I enjoy and want to do, however, still maintain my "mom" status.  Decluttering and simplifying tangible stuff and my "to do" list has helped so much. It has freed up so much of my time and my mind. 

Having more time for me has helped me to clear out my mind of the unimportant things. One of those is worrying about what others think of me. This new way of thinking has freed me in a way that I can't begin to explain. With my soul free of caring what others think I have found new happiness. 

Accepting me for me and not caring what others think about me has been a really big step. For decades I found myself worrying about what others thought of me, trying to be like the "Joneses" but that wasn't me. I even knew that wasn't me but still would fall into that mode. 

On this journey I need constant reminders to help me grow and enjoy and be the best me. There is never an end destination only a constant ride down and ever changing path. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

The first generation Wrangler ~~ YJ (1986–1995)

The YJ was built in Brampton, Ontario, Canada replacing the Jeep CJ line. The Canadian plant closed in 1992 when they moved production to Toledo, Ohio.  They used the same plant that produced the Willys Jeeps during World War II.

Jeep Wrangler YJ Features

  • Rectangular headlamps (The CJ had round).
  • Same wheelbase as the CJ-7 with a new wider track.
  • Slightly less ground clearance.
  • More comfort.
  • Improved handling.
  • Leaf spring suspension wider than the CJ-7.
  • Trackbar suspension links.
  • Anti-roll bars for improved handling and safety making it less easy to flip by untrained or unwary drivers.
  • Larger windshield.
  • Wiper blades rest on the windshield.
  • Wider arc of the blades to clean the larger windshield.
    These two changes were later removed when the TJ was launched 1996) 

Despite its similar look to the Jeep CJ this new had more in common with the newer downsized Cherokee XJ model.

In 1992...

  • The roll cage was extended for rear shoulder belts.
  • The Sahara debuted.
  • Switched over to an electronic speedometer. 

In 1993...

  • Anti-lock brakes were added.

In 1994...

  • An automatic transmission option for 4-cylinder came out.
  • A center high-mounted brake light was added. 
  • The slave cylinder on manual transmissions was moved outside of the transmission's bellhousing for easier
  • replacement.

In 1995...

  • The Dana 30 larger U-joints were used.

In 1996...

  • There were no 1996 models but that year they produced YJ's as 1995 models.
  • New parts added TJ hood bumpstops.
  • Reinforced tailgate hinges.
  • Some with rear TJ bumpers. 
  • Newly tuned I6 that ran quieter in preparation for the TJ.

YJ options...

Soft top with "half doors" featuring soft plastic zipper windows
Full-frame doors with conventional glass windows.
Hard tops with rear wiper and defroster.
Jeep tops in colors black, white, tan and gray.
Roll-bar padding matched soft top color.

Monday, August 13, 2018

What is a Wrangler?

What an amazing month August is... It's the best part of summer, it's my birthday month and it's the birthday of the thing that changed my life! My Jeep Wrangler!

August is a time to celebrate! Which is why I decided to post this series, to celebrate the birth of the JK/JKU on August 28, 2006. 

A Wrangler… What is a Wran·gler?

...a person in charge of horses or other livestock on a ranch.
...a person engaging in a lengthy and complicated quarrel or dispute.

Oh wait!  Not that kinda wrangler. I’m talking about the Jeep Wrangler. There are several versions of the Wrangler, four generations to be exact. This is Part 1 of 5 of my series "What is a Wrangler".

The Jeep Wrangler family is more than just the JK/JKU’s and even the new JL/JLU’s. I will post one part on each of the generations in the coming days. So keep a look out. 
The Jeep Wrangler is a series of off-road vehicle models, manufactured by Jeep since 1986. The Wrangler was born from the World War II Jeep called the Willy's MB. This Jeep was the iconic vehicle of WW2. Who knew if would create such an amazing lifestyle! 

The popularity of the Willy's started up the production of a Jeep for civilians, CJ (Civilian Jeeps) produced by Willys, Kaiser-Jeep and American Motors Corporation (AMC) from the mid-1940s through 1980s. 

What sets the Wranglers apart from other vehicles... 

a separate body and frame
rigid live axles both front and rear
a tapering nose design with flared fenders
a fold-flat windshield
can be driven without doors
part-time four-wheel drive systems
choice of high and low gearing
standard are open bodies with removable hard- or soft-tops

The Wrangler series was designed to be more comfortable on-road in an attempt to attract more daily drivers. Engineers upgraded its suspension, drive-train, and interior, compared to the CJ line. Specifically, the suspension on all Wranglers benefits from the addition of trackbars and anti-roll bars. Then in 1996 with the TJ on, they went to coil-springs instead of leaf-springs. 

In 2004 the long-wheelbase versions have been available under the name Wrangler Unlimited. Initially the Unlimited was a two door model, but since 2006 it has been offered as a four-door model.

The Wranglers birth place is in Toledo Ohio at a place called the Toledo Complex. Now owned by Chrysler.  Parts of this facility have operated as an automobile assembly plant since 1910, originally for Willys-Overland vehicles.

The Toledo complex has assembled Jeeps since the 1940s, and comprises of two factories: Toledo North and Toledo South. The South Assembly Plant is the original Jeep CJ assembly factory. It was rebuilt to manufacture the JK/JKU on August 28, 2006. 

The South plant has two interconnected plants, the Stickney Plant and the Parkway Annex. A conveyor brings the bodies and chassis from one part of the south assembly plant to another. 

That 2nd phase is the place where I was able to tour the JK/JKU Assembly line. This is where they added the doors, the seats, hoods and all the finishing parts of the Wrangler. 

There are two assembly lines in this part of the plant. Currently the JL is being assembled on one line and the other line is being re-tooled for the JT the new Jeep Truck. The Jeep Truck will be assembled on the old JK/JKU line. 

Other Jeeps that came out of the Toledo Complex.

1946-1965 Willys Jeep Station Wagon

1962–1988 Jeep Gladiator

1963–1991: Jeep Grand Wagoneer

1974–1983: Jeep Cherokee (SJ)

1974–1983: Jeep Cherokee XJ

1985–1992: Jeep Comanche

 2002–2013: Jeep Liberty/Cherokee

2007–2012: Jeep Compass

2013-2017: Jeep Cherokee

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"How To" ~ Live Life to the Fullest

My motto "Live Your Life to the Fullest"

How do you do that?

For each person that motto has a different meaning. The first step to living your life to YOUR fullest is to define what that means to you. 

Defining "Living Life to the Fullest" takes some methodical thought. My first step was to declutter.  

There are so many, many more ideas out on the internet on how to declutter just search the word declutter.

So... I have been doing the declutter thing for quite awhile, but never truly felt decluttered in my soul or my life. I wasn't sure I was living my life to the fullest. I was doing a lot of fun things, but there is just something missing.  Until I found this really cool blog that has got me started on that process.

It was overwhelming at first. I was just trying a few of the things. I still wasn't feeling it. Until I started "My Life Book". I know it sounds corny, a little hippy dippy or granola-y, but it is working for me. 

I think just "writing"(mine is in google docs)  it down has helped clear my mind. It has helped organize my thoughts. I feel it has been a break through. I feel lighter, happier and have a better idea of what living my fullest life means to me. It's not just about doing things or having things it's so much more.    

Some simple and easy steps to get you started. Define the following for yourself with as many details as you can. 
  • My Personal / Mission Statement
  • My Values - Primary & Secondary Values
  • My Passion -
  • My Life Purpose
  • My Strengths
  • Blind Spots - Negative traits to work on Pick 5
  • My Goals - 5 year, 3 year, 1 year, Monthly, daily goals review them once a week. Be very detailed.
  • Create an Action Plan for your goals
  • Life Adages - Mottos & Quotes
  • My Bucket List

Here is a list of items to work on to create Good Karma for yourself. Revisit them once a month as a reminder.

Do a kind deed a day
Quit complaining
Don’t badmouth other people
Don’t criticize or judge others
Be empathetic
Be compassionate
Be Grateful
Express Gratitude
Be Positive
Challenge your fears
Live every day on a fresh new start
Don’t do things for the sake of doing them
Stop wanting things a certain way
Let loose & have fun
Laugh more
Take more risks
Do the things you love
Live in the moment
Relish in the little moments
Take a break
Don’t settle
Be clear of your end objective
Try something different
Be true to who you are
Stop trying to please other people
Be proactive
Create your own opportunities
Let go of unhappy past
Don’t think about the things you can’t change
The only person you can change is yourself
Love yourself
Remember to always treasure and love yourself
Start loving the things you like about your body

60 Before 60

I recently shared about revisiting my bucket list on this new season of my life.  Bucket List Revised - 2023 As I approach another milestone...