Monday, September 30, 2013

Jeep Momma -- Guest Blogger on a Top Blog

Yeah!!!  My first guest appearance as Jeep Momma on a Top Blog in the country.  "A Parent In Silver Spring" interviewed me last week and featured me on her blog.
She is a great friend, mom, neighbor and mentor. I owe her a big thank you for introducing me to my new found passion and adventure. Jessica introduced me to blogging, and helped get me started.  I certainly have a long ways to go, but am so lucky to have such a great mentor who lives right across the street.  Not only did she introduce me to the blogging world but she inspired me to get back into the world of a healthy lifestyle.
I am hoping some day soon A Parent in Silver Spring will be able to experience an Adventure with Jeep Mom. Though I am told a night of camping might not be in the cards. 
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One of my best friends and best mothers I know, Tammy Forsyth, has launched my favorite new blog, Jeep MommaYou have to read it.

Jeep Momma is about a mother who views the trading of her wagon for a Jeep Wrangler Sahara  a metaphor for her forties and the second phase of parenting. She has put away the car seats, pulled out the exercise togs and camping gear and is ready for adventure. Tammy kindly allowed me to interview her about the Jeep Momma spirit.

What has been your favorite aspect of blogging so far? 
I love it because the Leo in me thrives on attention, the blog is about me! I’ve been a stay at home mom for 14 years now, and the focus has always been on my kids. Now that they are growing older and more independent, they don’t need me as much. I was having a hard time adjusting. I had more time on my hands to think.
I realized I had been neglecting myself, physically and mentally. My blog is my motivator to be a better person, a healthier person and a happier person and is helping me to re-invent myself. I’m a very compassionate person, always wanting to help, and my blog gives me that outlet to share what I’ve learned with others

What do your sons think of having a blogging mom?
Of course they don’t outwardly tell me anything either way. But I’ve seen them showing it to their friends when I’m not around.


What are your goals for Jeep Momma?  
I’m not really sure yet. It’s all still so new. Probably to have more people than just my friends checking out my blog. I would love to get noticed by Jeep someday too. Right now it’s just a fun way to express myself.

Should us other moms out there trade in our minivans, sedans and street SUVs for a Jeep? 
I would say a definite yes. Getting a Jeep has brought back the fun in my life. Just running simple errands I used to despise, I now enjoy, especially the Jeep camaraderie. Getting that “Jeep Wave” always makes my day.
Plus, our family was stuck in a routine — we were all drifting apart. Now with all the technology it seems no one communicates face to face anymore. The Jeep has helped break up that routine. This past summer we took many short weekend adventure trips. It has brought us outdoors in the fresh air exercising and spending time — face to face — as a family.
However, if you are still carpooling it might be tough because the Jeep only seats three in the back. It might also be tough for a family of more than four. But I would definitely recommend — Jeep Wrangler is the way to go!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jeep Mom -- 15 Steps to Getting Healthy

Getting older is tough -- our bodies aren't the same and when we 
were younger. With all the processed food and chemicals out there it makes staying fit even tougher. It takes a lot of work to get and stay healthy.   Getting Healthy is more than just eating right and exercise! 

Here are my top 15 ways to get healthy and stay healthy.

Go Organic -- in everyway you can... not just the foods you put into your, body but the things you put on your body.  Those chemicals seep in through your skin and your liver still needs to process them.

Run/Walk/Bike -- Aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day -- at least 3 days a week.

Weight Training -- Get your muscle back! The more muscle you have the more energy you burn.

Toning Exercises -- Getting old means getting cellulite.  Don't fall for those creams or lotions.  The only way to get rid of it is to tone those thighs and butt! 

What more can I say for the rest.  The are self-Explanatory

  • Less Processed Food/Sugar/Flour
  • Use Sunscreen
  • Eat less calories after 5pm
  • Eat Less Salt
  • Eat more fish
  • Bake or broil your meat
  • Eat less red meat
  • Make more friends/Hang out with your friends more
  • Create relaxation time everyday for yourself
  • Get more sleep
  • Get outdoors and spend time with your family 
          - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life! - 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Jeep Mom Continues to Simplifying My Life

Last week I told you how I've been working on getting back lost time.  Well, my first step was to de-clutter my house and garage. Getting rid of all the "junk" we didn't need lifted a burden from my mind I didn't even realize I was carrying.  

Feeling good about the first step made me look for other steps to take.  I asked myself "What was taking up my time?" I made a mental list and started to prioritize.  

I cut my volunteer positions by half.  Instead of 6 groups, I now only volunteer for 3.  A big time taker was cleaning and gardening.  I don't know if I can ever give up cleaning - it's an OCD thing -- but I can spend less time in the garden. Even though I like to garden, my yard takes up too many weekends in the spring, summer and fall.  So, to save my weekends for fun, and money, I
have been reducing the size of my flower beds. Less weeding and less mulch! More time -- More money.  I have also been turning them into maintenance free beds. Now there is less junk in my house, on my mind, and in my yard.  Next Step -- Time to make a list to clear out the mental clutter.
1. Clear out your "in box" -- CHECK

2. Make a bucket list -- CHECK

3. Delete Old bridges -- CHECK

4. Get rid of things that take up time stressing you out or creating angst.  For me it was a bush in the back yard.  It had bugged me for seven years.  So finally, I just cut it down. Now, I don't have to waste my time thinking about it any more.  It's gone -- out of my life.  Getting rid of all the small simple issues opens you up to really focus on the bigger issues.

5. Let go of old goals -- CHECK 

6. Finish what you started. Get those old projects completed.  For me it's a 2011 scrapbook of our Disney trip. My last photo album.  Now everything is on the computer -- we watch our photos as slide shows on TV.  It only takes a quarter of the time it took to make a scrapbook -- and takes up no space in the house! My goal is to finish this scrapbook this week.

With my plate becoming more an more empty with the not so important life items-- it gives me more time to "Get Healthy", "Spend time with my Family", "Enjoying My Jeep" and "Being Happy!"

Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
Happy Trails!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Jeep Mom Simplifies her Life

Time flies by way to fast and we can't get that time back.  We sometimes get all wrapped up in the unimportant things - which at the time seem important - we are missing out on the truly important things. Like spending quality time with our families. 

Getting the Jeep was one of the best things we've done, because now we want to use it -- which means going places.  That means spending time with the family someplace other than at home in front of the computer.

So, this past summer I sat back and reflected on my life.  Realizing that I need to refocus my emphasis on what's truly important.  My health, my happiness and my family. In actually that order.  First we need to be healthy and happy with ourselves before we can be a good parent and partner.

So I decided it's time to make some changes.  In order to make room for those changes I needed to get back some of that time.  Well my first step

 -- Simplify my life.

There are lots of ways to do this without making big sacrifices.

Get rid of the clutter.  I went through my house room by room -- closet by closet and evaluated everything.  I asked myself - do I really need -and wear - all these clothes?  Will I really wear this someday? If I haven't worn it in a year I will most likely NEVER wear it. 
 So DONATED it! 

You would be amazed what you can really do without.  I donated books, clothes, toys, linens, and just plain stuff.

By getting rid of the clutter in your house, you get rid of it sub-consciously in your mind. You would be amazed at how much better you feel.
  • You feel happier
  • You find lost treasures
  • You feel calmer 
  • You inspire others - It definitely inspired my kids to de-clutter  
Did you know 80% of what we own we never use?  By getting rid of the clutter it also helps reduce housework by 40%. You save 55 minutes a day looking for stuff now that you are organized and clutter free.  That's a good 2 hours you just got back!  2 hours to spend with your family getting healthy and having fun!  
Here are some more ideas of what you can de-clutter in your home.
  • kitchen utensils
  • coffee mugs
  • plastic containers
  • vases
  • unread books
  • hardly used kitchen items
  • food (you'd be surprised at your expired food)
  • spices
  • magazines
  • paper - mail - old receipts
  • linens
  • electronics 
  • medicine
  • toys
  • clothes
So that was my first step in simplifying my life! De-Clutter my house and garage. My next post will tell you how I De-Cluttered mentally.
So now I'm in the de-clutter mode.  I'm off to find some more clutter in the house.  I bet I find a box full in just 30 minutes. 


    - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life! - 

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Jeep gets a New Friend

My love and excitement for my 2013 Jeep Wrangler inspired my husband to go in search of his dream car. For years he talked about getting a Renegade - a Jeep from the 70's. He tried and tried to convince me to buy a Jeep.  I didn't think a Jeep would be a good family car.  Boy was I wrong! All those years wasted on a mini-van. Ugh!
 I never understood the love for a vehicle until now.  So, how could I deny my husband from the same joy I experience everyday.  So we tighten up the belts -- and now will be eating bread and water for the next five years. This past weekend - Labor Day Weekend - we headed out in search of his dream vehicle.

 I tried real hard to get him to buy another Jeep.  But since we all ready had one - he went the truck route.  Somewhere in the past year or so his dream car turned into a dream truck. The Chevy Avalanche. He found one... So, on Monday - Labor Day - he bought his dream truck.  Funny... I bought mine on Memorial Day.

His Avalanche comes fully loaded... Perfect for the husband who loves technology and all sorts of gadgets.

Not only are the seats heated, but they have AC built into them.  Perfect for a husband who's wife is constantly in a hot flash.

And don't forget the sunroof.  He loves his sunroof!  But as I told him, his sunroof is definitely not as awesome as mine!

So -- now the fight begins.  Who's vehicle do we take when we go somewhere together. The boys of course pick the truck.  They say the truck is cooler. I will have to disagree! Whoever heard of the Avalanche Wave.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the DVD player in it.

But of course - my husband the good guy he is - let's me take the Jeep when it's just us.

 I know deep down inside he thinks the Jeep is cooler too!  

Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
Happy Trails!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My New Bike - Finally after 24 Years

I certainly wasn't spoiled growing up and didn't usually get exactly what I wanted.  My family wasn't poor, but I had to make due with off brand items. What I felt was important, my parents did not.  So instead of brown leather clogs from Bakers -- I got the clearance white suede clogs from Sears.  Instead of Nike track spikes -- I got Adidas track spikes. I didn't get Nike anything. Instead of a red ten speed bike with the curved handle bars -- I got a brown three speeder. So was my life as a teenager.
But now -- almost 34 years later -- I finally got the ten speed bike I always wanted.  It's not one with curved handles.  I'm not even sure my body would handle that kind.  But it's a beautiful BLUE not a pukey brown color.

And now I even have the Nike shoes to go with my 10 speed.

  Even a Nike shirt and shorts.

 I have even splurged for the Under Armour outfit too!

This week I've been working bike workouts into my weekly workout routine of weight lifting at the gym and running a mile to two. Our neighborhood is quite hilly so finding a nice flat ride is almost impossible.  But riding the hills is definitely getting my heart going.
So far I've only made two bike rides in the neighborhood. The second one I received a course award - fastest time.
It's been over 30 years since I have ridden a bike.  That old saying is true... "like riding a bike" once you learn a skill you don't forget it.  I got back on and it came back to me.  However, I will not ride with no hands like I used to when I was younger.  I'm a little smarter now. 
Even though it's been a challenge on the hills I will stay in the neighborhood until I figure it all out.  I have no idea how to use the gears properly. I've all ready knocked off the chain while riding.   

There are two different gear shifters on each handle bar. And I have no idea what I'm doing. So, I have been hitting the internet educating myself on when to use what gear. Plus a little testing in the field.

I'm also getting a lesson in chainwheels and cogs. It might take me awhile but practice makes perfect right?!

If there are any bikers out there with some gear tips or great places to ride in the DC area I would love to hear from you.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School Bliss

I meant to post this subject last week, but time just got away from me.  And then we got two unexpected visitors.  My mom and her sister surprised us with a short three day visit. I think they wanted to be the first of my family to ride in the Jeep!  

They even came prepared with their baseball hats.  They must of read my post on Jeep Tips!
So last Monday the boys headed back to school, and I was looking forward to a week of Back to School Bliss. I put the soft top down and headed out for my first stop.

What a beautiful day it was.  The skies were clear blue and all the fresh air, as fresh as you can get in the city, was invigorating. The best part was the peace and quiet coming from the back seat.

So my first stop... The Salon.


Ahhh! What a great way to start out the week. Pedicure in a massage chair.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Well... maybe a real massage from Pierre! 
Next on the list was to get back into my health routine.  I headed back to the gym after sporadic workouts this summer.  I also started running off and on during the summer. With the routine of school, I am able to get back into my workout routine.  I'm can monitor all my workouts with my new Mapmyrun phone app. The app also awards you course awards for certain achievements. It helps keep me motivated.
 But the best part of Back to School Bliss is finally being able to use my new birthday present.

Stay tuned for the next posting for more on my Back to School Biking Adventures with Jeep Momma!

Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
Happy Trails!