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Jeep Tip #18

Jeep Tip #17
Lube those Door Hinges OVERCLOCK3D - CPO Video

Jeep Tip #1   Cool Jeep Tip Video for Jeep Momma

Jeep Tip #2
If you have a spiderwebshade you can store blankets between that shade and your soft top. 

Jeep Tip #3
Check out the center console in most of the new Wranglers. Lift it up -- under the top cover you can store items there. It's like a secret hiding place.

Jeep Tip #4
Check out the Jeep Badge of Honor program. Download the app. Then earn badges by wheelin' the many highlighted trails. 

Jeep Tips #5
The silver latch on the door frame where the door latch closes is the perfect size to open up a bottle. You could have 4 openers or 2 depending on if you have a JK or JKU. 

Jeep Tip #6
If you see rust, get rid of it. 


Jeep Tip #7 

Turn your mirror upside down for better visibility.
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Jeep Tip #8
Make sure you attach the vinyl windows to the soft top before it gets too cold. In the cold your soft top shrinks a little and can make it difficult to zip them back up.

Jeep Tip #9 
If you have difficult zipping up your windows on the soft top try running a small bar of soap across the zipper teeth ~Randal Regan

Jeep Tip #10
Be prepared for others who all of sudden show up at your door step asking for a lift to work because their car is stuck in a snow filled driveway. ~Ron D

Jeep Tip #11
Check out this video for a cool way to add a third brake light to your aftermarket bumper with spare tire carrier.     Click here to view the video

Jeep Tip #12 
Make a list of the tools you use for various repairs.  You can then start a "oh shit" bag and place those items in the bag. ~Tony Muckelroy

Jeep Tip #13
Everyone should have a radio (non cell phone) for emergency communications.  CB for example, but what happens if you flip your Jeep and now the antenna is in the ground or broken?  Get a cheap mag mount antenna and now you can just stick it to the bottom of your Jeep (currently the top) and run the coax to the back of your CB. ~Tony Muckelroy

Jeep Tip #14
Have flares and a medical kit, two of the most over looked things. A hand held CB that is fully charged is also a big thing, but most important, never go off roading alone! If you get hurt and cant call for help, roll off a hill, and you are alone? Good chance you die alone too. Had more than a few calls like then when I was an Rescue Pilot after my time in the Navy. ~Tyler Nutter 

Jeep Tip #15
When your stuck in water with your tail pipe in under water, and your engine dies, DO NOT RESTART THE ENGINE. It'll suck the water up the tailpipe and into your engine. ~Gio Trozzo

Jeep Tip #16 
If you live in an area that uses salt on the roads you should clean your undercarriage often. Especially inside the frame, newer Jeeps still use the tubular frames right? The salt gets everywhere and causes rust. ~610Bob

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