Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I am sad to see summer go, even though it was unbearably hot this year. I do look forward to the cool fall days, so I can enjoy my topless Jeep 

As the temperatures drop that only means "tis the season" is growing near. Every year I vow to start my Christmas shopping early, but I never do. So this year I am going to try hard to get a head start. 

To help me get a head start, I decided to share some stocking stuffer ideas for the Jeeper in your family. 

Okay, I know I'm the only Jeeper in my family, so how are Jeep stocking stuffer ideas going to help me with my shopping? Well, I have to get my Christmas Wish List done first. 

Knit Jeep Beanie Hat

$14.99 All Things Jeep 

I love this hat! It comes in six different colors. Sadly, it does not come in purple. But Black is perfect for those days on the trail when you are in and out of your Jeep.
Join me next Thursday when I share idea #2 of Jeep Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Jeeper in your Family! 

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