Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Jeep's First Car Wash

New Jeep Owner Tip #1

My car BTJ (Before the Jeep) was pretty trashed with ketchup stains, chocolate stains, spilled sodas, bike handle bar scratches on the side, and baseball dents. Well, that is so not happening with my Jeep. I solemnly swear: I will empty the trash from my Jeep daily. I will keep up with the needed maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. I will keep it shiny by washing it when it needs to be washed - which I'm told Jeeps are supposed to be dirty - but that's a question for another post.  I like my new Jeep shiny. Now, here is where New Jeep Owner Tip #1 comes in. A week after I got my new Jeep I took it to my son's Boy Scout Car Wash fundraiser. 
Yikes, Should they be using a bristle brush on the Jeep?
   What was I thinking turning my Jeep over to a bunch of boys to wash?  Well, overall they did a really good job.  Except, I learned on the internet - which BTW -  isn't everything you read on the internet true ;) You just can't take your Jeep to any car wash. Which was my first mistake.  I should have done my research.  Jeep soft tops are pretty delicate.  You can't just use any soap on them. Or so that's what "they" say on the internet.  I'm a sucker for those infomercials and info on the internet.  I did buy those detox foot pads.  My husband still makes fun of me for buying them. 

Yikes, there is non-soft top soap on my soft top and the vinyl window!

My poor precocious baby.  What was I thinking? I wasn't!  I was still in new Jeep owner Euphoria!

  Tip #1: Never make decisions about your New Jeep in the first two weeks! 

So, after I did some research on the internet, I immediately broke out Paypal and purchased soft top cleaner, soft top protector, and vinyl window cleaner. As soon as it arrived I went to work and treated my Jeep Wrangler to a Jeep Spa treatment! I could hear the ooh's and ahh's as I massaged in the special oils and cleaners. Plus, I went ahead and purchased zipper lube, which BTW -- is for sure necessary as the advise comes from a real live Jeep owner!

Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
Happy Trails!  

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