Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top 10 tips to be Sexy Forever!

Struggling with Fatty Liver

(updated December 2023) In 2010, I faced a diagnosis of fatty liver, prompting a desperate search for weight loss solutions and dietary changes. Despite numerous attempts, shedding 20 pounds seemed impossible until a transformative encounter with Suzanne Somers's "Sexy Forever."

My Workout Routine with weights

The Breakthrough: Unveiling the Power of 'Sexy Forever'

Discovering the 'Sexy Forever' book led to a successful weight loss of 20 pounds. However, deviations from the diet led to weight regain, prompting a shift to exercise, which proved ineffective. Returning to the 'Sexy Forever' regimen reignited the weight loss journey.

Age, Toxins, and Weight: Understanding the Impact on Health

Reflecting on the challenges faced by women over 40, understanding how toxins affect the liver and contribute to weight gain is crucial for maintaining a healthy body.

Fatty Liver Epidemic: Unseen Health Crisis in America

With 15 million Americans affected by fatty liver disease, the correlation between this condition and obesity underscores the urgent need for healthier eating habits and reduced toxin intake.

Lifestyle Strategies for a Healthier Liver

Simple Clean Eating 👉Read More

Eat Organic as much as you can - especially raw fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds. This will lower the amount of toxins in your body.

Bath Organic putting all these chemicals on your skin also adds more toxins for your liver to process.  Your skin absorbs these chemicals into your body.

Add Beans to your diet -- they contain an amino acid that neutralizes toxins that cause stress on your liver. 

Anise Seeds in foods may stimulate the regeneration of healthy liver cells which flush out the fats.

Turmeric contains a chemical that may help protect the liver against damage caused by accumulated fats.

Eat Lean Proteins

Exercise not your typical exercises like the stationary bike or treadmill or crunches or sit-ups.  Experts say these do you no good. There are specific exercises out there just for women over 40 -- lunges - squats - mountain climbers and more.

Water drink with a lemon and at least 8 glasses - 64 ounces a day.

Watch what you put in your body - Limit alcohol, processed foods  & carbs -- especially refined quick-burning carbs like white flour & sugar.

Read the book Sexy Forever -- It worked and is working for me.  There are lots of tips like when to eat what foods. A certain combination of foods works better.

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