Thursday, December 3, 2015

M.O.R.E. Skid Plate Install

Modification Decisions

Jeep Momma installing front bumper. 

When I first bought my Jeep Wrangler, I didn't know where to start with the modifications. Many wise Jeepers told me I should start with recovery. So my first modification was a new front bumper and the necessary recovery tools.

I also needed to take into consideration how I was going to use my Jeep. Once I figured that out, I was able to make the right choices for me. My Jeep is my daily driver and I take her off-roading.

My Jeep off-road. 

As I upped my off-roading game hitting more difficult and rockier trails I realized I needed to protect the underbelly of my Jeep. I decided to start with the Engine Skid plate. There is just a crossmember bar near the engine and that just isn't enough protection.  

Factory Jeep underbody protection.

I decided to go with the M.O.R.E. Oil pan and Engine Skid plate. 

My Jeep on ramps. 

I enlisted the help of a friend with this installation. Luckily he is a wrencher and owns every tool known to man. 

Install Steps 

My crossmember bar scrapped from the rocks

First, we removed my banged-up, scraped-up cross member bar.

Removing bolts under the Jeep

We needed to loosen the motor mount bolts. This was the toughest part of the whole installation. They are hard to get at, and they are very tough to loosen. Fortunately, he had an impact drill. 

Derek working under my Jeep

I panicked a little when we had trouble with one of the bolts. The thread was messed up a little. But Dirk to the rescue, no problem, he broke out his bolt re-threader kit and WAH-LAH -- good to go. 

Derek using his bolt threader tool. 

Derek shortening the bolt. 

Once that was fixed it was time to drill one hole, then insert in all the bolts and tighten. But wait... One of the bolts was a little too long, so we had to cut some off. We just needed to shorten one of the bolts and good to go! 

With the right tools and muscle power, this install is pretty simple and easy. Now my Jeep is ready for some more difficult trails. 

My new skid plate installed. 

If you bought or decide to buy this beefy skid plate check out the paper instruction guide 👉 Read Instructions Here


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