Thursday, April 6, 2017

Off-Road Adventure with NORA

A Day of Fun and Learning

Northeast Off-Road Adventures (NORA) operates a low-speed, off-road driving school in the picturesque Catskill Mountains near Ellenville, NY. This 4x4 school helps you master the art of driving your Jeep or other street-legal 4x4 vehicles. With certified I4WETA 4WD trainers, NORA offers an incredible learning experience that’s both fun and informative.

Jeep Trail Ride break

A Day at NORA: Classroom and Trails

I was lucky to be able to attend this event to have more training. These folks came to the local off-road park I wheeled at, and even though I'm not an off-road beginner, I firmly believe there's always something new to learn.

The day kicked off with a two-hour "classroom" style session focusing on technique, vehicle preservation, and safety. This foundational knowledge is crucial, especially for those new to off-roading. After soaking up all that valuable information, it was time to hit the trails.

Classroom Style Off-road Training

Hitting the Trails: Green Trails for Beginners

For most of the ladies, this was their first time off-road in their vehicles. We stuck to the green trails, which allowed them to get acquainted with their vehicles, understand their capabilities, and build confidence in their driving skills.

Hood shot of Green 4x4 Trail

Advanced Techniques: Learning Never Stops

For me, it was an opportunity to hone my "See a rock, put a wheel on it" skills. Even though I have wheeled several times before, I still learned new things. The certified trainers at NORA 4x4 shared so many great driving techniques that I couldn't help but be impressed.

Selfie with Jeeps on the trail

Valuable Off-Road Tips and Tricks

Here are some fantastic tips and tricks I picked up during the day:

  • Leave Your Keys in the Ignition: When you get out to check out other Jeepers climbing over obstacles, always leave your keys in the ignition. Also, keep an extra set of keys in your center console. You never know when you might lose your keys in the woods or rocks.
  • Stay Leaned with Your Jeep: When you're off-camber, keep your back in the seat and lean with the Jeep. This helps you get used to being off-camber and avoids giving you a false sense of stability.
  • Wheel Locks Caution: If you use wheel locks, ensure you have the key. Consider removing them and using the OEM lug nuts before hitting the trails to avoid losing the key in the rocks.
  • 360 Inspection: Always perform a 360-degree inspection before and after your trip. Look for brake line leaks and branches in places they shouldn't be.
  • Handling Sticky Situations: When your wheel just spins and spins, don’t let those tires keep spinning. Before using lockers, try turning the tires in a different direction or backing up and changing your approach. On the trails with NORA 4x4 👉Watch Here  

It was an amazing day on the mountain with great people, having fun in my Jeep. And you know what? Even though I'm not a beginner, I still learned new things.

My Jeep

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