Monday, April 2, 2018

Searching for Jeep Easter Eggs

Hidden Jeep Gems

When I heard about the small tributes in my Jeep Wrangler I started searching. These tributes are to the Willy's Jeep that started this Jeep craze. The Chrysler desinger's call these tributes Easter Eggs. So the Egg Hunt begins. So far I have found eight.

7 Slot grille decal on windshield

The first is the most obvious. We constantly look at it when we check out our rear view mirror. It’s a silhouette of the seven slot grille logo.

since 1941 

On the passenger seat grab bar are the embossed letters Jeep - Since 1941.

Jeep on rocks decal on windshield

The silhouette of a Jeep climbing a rocky hillside is on the passenger side windshield.

Willys Jeep on wheel 

The Sahara's and Rubicon's rims have the Willy's Jeep.

7 slot grille in cup holder

The front seat cup holder is embossed with the Seven Slot Grille.

wiper cowl with 7 slots

The wiper cowl has seven slots like the front grille as does the air dam.

7 buttons on front console

The center console control panel is designed somewhat like the seven slot grille.


  1. Any idea where to find a replacement insert for the cup holder? Bought my 16 and it apparently had one, but need to replace it...


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