Thursday, May 10, 2018

Conquering Uwharrie in my Jeep

A Jeep Adventure Unlike Any Other

My Jeep Wrangler isn't just a vehicle; it's the gateway to a life-changing adventure. Let me take you through my unforgettable weekend wheeling with Carolina Trails Off Road at the 2018 Uwharrie Spring Invasion.

"My Jeep Changed the Direction of My Life"

Selfie with my Jeep

From the moment I rolled into the campsite, the air buzzed with excitement and a sense of community that only fellow Jeepers can understand. Meeting Bryan and his crew in person after connecting through The Jeep Talk Show felt like reuniting with old friends. With tents pitched and stories shared around the campfire, the anticipation for the trails ahead was palpable.

Nicky G, Brian and myself

Tents set up

Choosing the Path Less Traveled

As dawn broke, I faced a pivotal decision: stick to intermediate trails or challenge myself with the hardcore crew tackling the toughest routes. Despite some nerves (and being the sole woman in the "difficult" group), I embraced the challenge head-on. 

Jeep's in the Eldorado Outpost Parking Lot ready to roll

The Dickey Bell Trail

The Jeep Badge of Honor Trail, known for its rocky climbs and tough obstacles, was our first conquest. The Dickey Bell is a 3.5 mile trail rated as moderate to difficult with a rocky hill climb obstacle. For the most part this trail winds up and down over red clay trails through the forest, a nice easy Jeep ride.  With my Rubicon's capabilities and expert spotters guiding me, I conquered each challenge with a mix of adrenaline and determination.

My Jeep on the trail

Once at the Dickey Bell rocky hill climb the trail spotters took their places. This was an intense rocky climb, but my Rubicon with lockers and that 4 to 1 transfer case cruised right on up the trail.

My Jeep climbing obstacles on Dickey Bell
More obstacles on Dickey Bell

Scaling New Heights on the Daniel Trail

Then came the Daniel Trail, notorious among off-roaders for its unforgiving switchbacks and perilous ledges. My heart raced as I navigated each twist and turn, relying on sheer grit and the encouraging cheers from my newfound friends. The moment of truth arrived at a daunting ledge, where every inch forward felt like a triumph. With precision and a touch more throttle than usual, I conquered what would become my toughest off-road obstacle yet.

My Jeep climbing the obstacle on Daniel

This was the most difficult obstacle I have ever tackled up until that time during my four years of wheeling. My heart was beating a mile a minute and my breaths were shallow. Everyone out there was so supportive and sharing positive words of encouragement.  It was go time. There were two choices, to the right the easier route which to me looked scarier than straight up the middle. Straight up the middle was supposed to be the more difficult. 

Mitchell, my spotter, was one of the best so I decided to tune out everything except his direction. As I crawled up the ledge, the center, my Jeep shifted to the right and I wasn't able to see his direction. I had to back down for one more try and with the great guiding by Mitchell up I went with a little more skinny pedal than I'm used to. 

Mitchell spotting me up the obstacle

Drone view of my Jeep on Daniel

Then it was on to Mike to take me up the rest of the way to the next switch back. This time to make it to the next switchback you needed to do some maneuvering with backing up. A little too much reverse and you were careening down the mountain. 

My Jeep heading up the switchbacks

My Jeep on Daniel

Jeep Momma on the Daniel Trail at Uwharrie 👉Watch Here

Solo Challenges on Dutch John Trail

As the day wound down, the Dutch John Trail beckoned with its final hurdles. With each obstacle cleared effortlessly, my confidence soared. I reveled in the realization that my skills behind the wheel had evolved alongside my trusty Jeep. Despite some trailside mishaps for others, my Wrangler emerged unscathed, a testament to its robust build and my growing prowess.

Jeep Momma standing on the rutted Dutch John Trail

 Beyond Trails: A Journey of Personal Triumph

Reflecting on the day's highs and a few adrenaline-fueled lows, I realized my Jeep Journey was more than just conquering trails—it was about pushing boundaries and discovering newfound confidence. Wheeling with Carolina Trails Off Road wasn't just an event; it was a reaffirmation of why I fell in love with off-roading in the first place.

Jeep Momma selfie at the entrance to the campground

The Best part of Wheeling and Camping

After a day of wheeling on the trails, my favorite part is sitting around the campfire sharing stories and reminiscing about the day's events. A great way to end the day! 


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