Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Krawlin for Cops

Another wheeling event concluded, and I am already looking forward to next years event. 

Krawlin for COPS was started in 2014 at an off-road park in West Virginia by founder Brandt Bartman. That year 40 rigs showed up. This year over 500 off -roaders hit the trails at Rausch Creek Off Road Park. 

It seems Jeepers and off-roaders are a charitable bunch as there are charity wheeling events all over the country almost every week. Any reason to get out on the trails. $42,000 was raised for the MD & PA Chapters of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.). 

Friday night was vendor night with lots of vendors at the park. I even picked myself up some 13 Cords grab handles for the rear passengers.  

I love these events because I am able to meet new Jeepers from all over the Northeast. This year I was able to wheel with some longtime Facebook friends. Meeting them for the first time. 

This event I was also able to meet a fellow Youtuber, The Bearded Jeeper. 

During this trip I was able to break out my Warn recovery strap and my soft shackle for the first time. 

The Jeep in front of me got hung up on a rock and needed a little tug from behind. My first time recovering a Jeep and I didn't even need to use a winch. Always something new and exciting on the trails.  

We hit some old favorites of mine like Trail Blue 23 (click for YouTube Video), Trail 14 and Pizza Rock.  

An easy trail "Stout" became a little more difficult and was full of mud. I was also able to wheel some trails I haven't hit before. 

As always I had a blast out on the trails and even wheeling some I haven't hit in the past. Each time I go out  I become more and more confident in my capabilities as a wheeler / rock crawler. 

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