Tuesday, March 5, 2019

My First Time Trail Guiding Jeeps Off Road

Jeep Momma Get Lost

Jeep Momma A Trail Guide

I have been off-roading for nearly 5 years now. A couple of weekends ago was my first time leading a group of Jeepers on the trails at Rausch Creek Off Road Park. I have been trail gunner in the past, but never the trail leader guiding a group all day on the trails. 

Luckily for me, I was able to use the Maprika Map app on my phone. It was a life saver. However, we still made a couple of wrong turns, and ended up on some blue trails when our intent was green trails. 

The trails were full of snow and ice so that made for even more difficult time traversing the trails. There were even times when we were the first group to wheel the trail. It was like we were breaking new ground. 

We also needed to winch some Jeeps thru the slippery deep snow. The ice and snow made the green trails blue and the blue trails black. But all in all it was a super fun time, intense but really fun as we all worked together as a team. 

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