Thursday, August 1, 2019

Camping & Wheeling at the Cove in Virginia

A New Off-road Experience

My Jeep on the Appalachian Trails

I keep testing my abilities behind the wheel every time I hit the trails, and I surprise myself. However, I don't seem to surprise my fellow Jeepers as they have the utmost confidence in me.

My Jeep with her new Lux Lighting Rock Lights

My Jeep has introduced me to so many new friends and reconnected me with the great outdoors. This time it was another camping and wheeling weekend with the Off Camber Crawlers group, and boy was I off camber on this trip.

The Cove, Virginia Trail Level 6 👉 Watch Here

View from my tent

The drive into the Appalachian mountains is three hours to the Cove Campground where I set up my tent. It was a nice quiet evening as most of the wheelers showed up Saturday morning. 

Jeepers sitting around at camp

Once the sun came up it was time for a morning of 201 training. We sat around and discussed some of the more difficult aspects of off roading and trail fixes. 

Jeeps on the trail

Then it was time to hit the trails and practice what we discussed. I wheeled some of the most technical trails I have wheeled to date. Trails like Hard Rock Crawlers and Boulder. I know there were others but they all seemed to be one big long trail up and down the mountain. 

My new Jeep friend Scott

This trip I was lucky enough to have a passenger ride with me. It was nice to have someone to share the experience with and to have that calming voice. 

Jeeper stuck in the mud

Then it was time for the "big boys" to hit the mud puddles. I got to watch first hand how to winch yourself out of mud and again up a steep incline. Even though we spent several minutes while trying to get the Jeeps out of the mud it is always fun to watch and learn. 

Every time I go out I make great new friends, awesome memories and learn so many new things. 

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