Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Birth of Jeep

Where It All Started

The "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" Jeep 4x4 vehicle became the hero for thousands of Allied soliders around the world in the 1940's. Later becoming the civillian hero for many decades to come as Jeep in now an American Icon. 

During the war the US infantry needed a low-profile, powerful vehicle with four-wheel drive. Three commercial companies put in their bids, American Bantam, Willys Overland Motors, and Ford Motor Company. 

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Each company was tasked to build a vehicle for testing. In July of 1941 the contract was awarded to Willys using combined parts of all three prototypes. The Willys MB was born.


Willys Quad

Willys Quad

Designed by Willys Overland Motors in Toledo, Ohio. This little beast of a machine was powered by it's "Go Devil" engine that produced 61 mph, along with 105 foot pounds of torque. 

Blitz Buggy

Blitz Buggy

Designed by American Bantam out of Butler, Pennsylvania. Working with Spicer, one of Bantam's focuses was axles and transfer case. 



Designed by Ford Motor Company. The two Ford pilot vehicles are now sitting in museums. It is said neither the original Bantam Pilot nor the Willys Quad survived. 

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