Saturday, July 29, 2023

Lasfit All-Weather Floor Mats - Product Review

All-Weather Floor Mats: A Must Have Upgrade for your Jeep 

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The Lasfit floor mats are a a must have upgrade from the stock carpet mats. They look good and make clean up easier. I really like the flexibility of these mats when you need to pull them out to dump the dirt from them. 

Update May 2024: They are still holding strong and their form still adheres to the contour of the Jeep.   

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Lasfit contacted me and requested that I review their all-weather floor mats. They kindly provided the mats for review purposes at no cost, without any other form of compensation except the product itself. 

JK Floor Mats from Lasfit 

Rear Seat Lasfit Floor Mat

After allowing the Lasfit Floor Mats to bask in the sun for a brief period, I proceeded to install them in my 2015 Jeep Wrangler, Then I waited for them to settle in my vehicle for slightly over a week before forming any opinions about their performance.

  • The ridges in the floor mats are good at collecting the mud and dirt. 
  • The rear mat has a trim on the ends you can tuck into the Jeep.
  • The rear mat is one long piece that covers the center hump. 
  • The laser fit flows with the contours of the Jeep. 
  • The front mat fits well and lie flat. It also feels good at the gas pedal.

**NOTE: Lasfit provided these floor mats to me for review on my YouTube Channel and blog. They wanted an unfiltered, honest review and didn’t provide any sort of compensation or incentives for a favorable review. They left it up to me to how I wanted to do the review.

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