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How To Protect Our Public Lands from Closure

Tips for Off-Roaders get Involveded

As off-road enthusiasts, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our land and ensure that our favorite trails remain open for future generations to enjoy. For the most part we all abide by the Tread Lightly Principals but what more can we do to protect our lands from closure.


Blue Ribbon Coalition

Support the Blue Ribbon Coalition

The Blue Ribbon Coalition is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preserving access to public lands for off-road enthusiasts. By supporting the Blue Ribbon Coalition, you can help fund their efforts to protect our rights and advocate for responsible off-roading policies.

Blue Ribbon Coalition 👉 Read More

Educate yourself and others about land use policies

It's essential to stay informed about land use policies and regulations that affect off-roading in your area. By educating yourself and others, you can help ensure that we are all following the rules and doing our part to protect public lands.

Educating yourself about current issues enables you to help take action steps needed to protect our public lands from being closed. The Blue Ribbon Coalition lays out 5 action steps you can take to defend out public lands. 

Current Issues 👉 Read More

Practice the Tread Lightly! principles

As responsible off-roaders, it's important to follow the Tread Lightly! principles, which include staying on designated trails, respecting the rights of others, and leaving no trace. By adhering to these guidelines, we can minimize our impact on the environment and demonstrate that we are responsible users of public lands.

Get involved in trail maintenance and clean-up efforts

Many off-road clubs and organizations organize trail maintenance and clean-up events, which provide an excellent opportunity for us to give back to the off-roading community and help preserve our public lands. 

Join a local off-road club or organization

There's strength in numbers, and joining a local off-road club or organization like Blue Ribbon Coalition can help amplify our voices when it comes to advocating for our rights to access public lands. These groups often work with land managers and government agencies to develop responsible off-roading policies and practices.

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