Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jeep Off Road Trail of the Month -- Larry & his Willys

Earlier this month I posted about a Top Trails in America Guide. I asked you -- my fellow Jeepers -- to share your favorite trails.

As you may have guessed, my favorite off road park is Rausch Creek. My favorite trail is Outer Limits. It's a black trail that I was able to wheel while driving the Clayton Off Road Jeep.

A fellow Jeeper and Jeep Momma follower, Larry and his 2014 Willys, also like Rausch Creek Off Road Park. 

I hope some day to my Jeep will be able to wheel the same trails as Larry.

Rausch Creek offers a variety of trails for all levels of wheelers. The parks has almost 3,000 acres of easy, intermediate and difficult trails that feature rocks, bowls and hills. 

Where is your favorite place to wheel and why? Let me know in the comment section and I will feature your Jeep and favorite trail on my blog.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jeep Momma Stepping up Her Game with Disconnected Off Road

"You're Rubicon is capable of so much more" -- I hear this all the time and you know what... They are right. I spent this past weekend at Rausch Creek Off Road Park wheeling on the trails. Saturday I was off roading in the Clayton Off Road Jeep at Women's Wheelin Day.

I drove up Friday morning and was ready to hit the trails at 1pm. I met up with some great Jeep guys from Disconnected Off Road out of New Jersey. Never had met any of these guys in person, I was a little nervous. 

I had nothing to worry about though. This group was fantastic. They welcomed me into the fold even though my Jeep was the only a stock Jeep in the midst of all their lifted Jeeps.  But they knew how capable it was because it was a Jeep... They know Jeeps! 

So we headed out onto the trails. Right off the bat we hit a blue trail heading for the blacks and reds. I was nervous, but at the same time excited to be upping my game. One of the guys got out and spotted me through the trail.  

Guess what?!  No problem making my way through the trail. My Jeep is more than capable, I just need to gain some confidence. And with a good spotter it's simple and easy over the rocky trails. I had several good spotters on the trail throughout the day. 

However after wheeling with me I am thinking they might deserve an award... "I survived Wheeling with Jeep Momma". I tend to be a very slow and cautious wheeler always worrying about damaging my Jeep. They were patient and tolerant of my wheeling. They were also encouraging as they helped me through the more difficult parts.  

Check out my You Tube video to get a glimpse of what my spotters went through. 

This outing was a mix of all different experiences for me. It wasn't just sitting in my Jeep rolling down the trails. There were a couple of stops where the lifted Jeeps crawled up and down the rocky trails. I was able to get out of my Jeep and see it first hand in person and not on a You Tube video. It was intense and really cool to stand on the rocks above the Jeeps as they crawled through the obstacles. 

There was also a point on the trail where one of the Jeeps needed to break out a tree saver and winch to get over the rock.  Off Roading isn't just about you sitting in your Jeep rolling over the trails but experiencing it at all levels -- driving, spotting, and watching.   

I had the best time with Disconnected Off Road. They are a great group of wheelers who are welcoming of other Jeepers on the trails with them. I look forward to many more trail rides with this group. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jeep Momma Wheels the Clatyon Off Road Jeep

I believe I am still on my Jeep high from this weekend's off roading adventure. I can't stop looking at the pictures and videos from my fabulous time wheelin' at Rausch Creek Off Road Park. I have lost all focus and I am unable to complete any of my chores I need to get done.

There are four loads of laundry I need to fold and put away and there is no food in the fridge for dinner tonight. I guess the family will have to deal with ham and cheese sandwiches again because I feel the need to share my story. 
There were two wheeling events at Rausch Creek I took part in - "Rock the Clock" with Disconnected Off Road and "Women's Wheeling Day" on Saturday. Both events were terrific with amazing people and a great times.

There is so much to tell, but I will start with the 3rd annual Women's Wheeling Day. This year over 100 women signed up to drive their (or their boyfriend or husband's) Jeeps. 

I was one of three women picked to drive the Clayton Off Road Jeep. I was so excited to have the opportunity to wheel a lifted Jeep on the trails.  This sweet red beast has a 4.5 inch lift... 37 inch tires... and so much more. The list is below.  

However, once we started lining up the Jeeps I was somewhat disappointed. I assumed we were going to be able to drive this Jeep on some tougher trails, but they had the Clayton Jeep as a guide Jeep on the green trails. 

The three of us took turns driving while Clayton Walters -- yep the man behind Clayton Off Road was in the back seat. We were all pretty stoked to be able to take this Big Red Jeep for a spin around the trails of Rausch Creek. I was the only lady driver whose Jeep is still in stock form. So this was a new experience for me. 

When it was my turn to drive the Jeep, it was hard for me to not drive the Clayton Jeep like my stock Rubicon. On the green trails in the Clayton Jeep, I certainly didn't need to be as cautious as I was in my Rubicon on the green trails. 

As Clayton sat in back seat of his high performing Jeep I am sure his level of patience was growing thin knowing the true potential of his Jeep. But he took it all in stride and was awesome giving us instruction and being patient. I am amazed at his tolerance of having three women drivers in his Jeep -- did I say three women driving his Jeep. 

WOW -- His patience was like a cactus waiting for water.  He also had to endure some goofy Jeep Momma moments. Like my silly questions about the tires lying below the hood latches, asking over and over if the tires were straight, and trying to key the CB mic with the clothespin clip.  We sure did have some great laughs on my account.  

Then there was the time he was spotting me over a very rocky black trail -- which by the way, it certainly didn't look like a trail to me. Instead it looked like a rocky ledge on a hillside. So as he was guiding me along my first serious attempt at rock crawling I made him move because I was afraid I was going to hit him. You can see the moment at 3 minutes and 33 seconds into my YouTube video 

            "Jeep Momma Drives the Clayton Off Road Jeep"

Clayton didn't give me any grief and kindly moved to the other side. Then I was able to relax and not worry about running him over. 

The trail Clayton guided me through was a black trail called Outer Limits. He also guided some of the other Jeepers through it. It was quite an intense ride for us. 

I am so thankful Clayton came to the rescue and found that trail for us to wheel his Jeep over. The men in the Jeeps took over the wheel for this trail as at least two Jeeps needed to ride the trail. I am so thankful they did so I could try out the trail. It was so amazing to be able to experience that. 

The bad part is... it just wasn't enough and I want more - big and better trails. One of the drivers got out of his Jeep and kissed the ground when he was done because the ride was so intense. 

Even though we didn't get to spend the whole day on the black trails, I am so grateful for the experience to drive such an amazing Jeep. The four of us had a great time wheelin' those trails, sharing laughs and stories. Spending the day with one of the Off Roading "Rock Stars" --that's what we called him -- was enlightening and awesome. 

It will be hard to go back to wheeling in my stock Rubicon. Now I have no doubt I want to lift my Jeep and get bigger tires. Although a 4.5 lift and 37's might just be a tad too much for me... but who knows.  

          Clayton Off Road Jeep Modifications

Bolt Pattern 5x5  Back Space   4.50"           

Stock rear Dana 44 axle w/ARB locker & 35 spline axle shafts 
Stock Rubicon 4 to 1 transfer case

Genright aluminum bumpers, tube fenders & steel rocker guards

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gearing Up For My Weekend of Wheelin'

As I prepare myself and Jeep as I head out to the trails tomorrow I found an off-road guide I thought I would share with my fellow off-road enthusiasts. This is a great guide for the new off-roaders. 

Dowload the 102 Off-Road Tips Guide HERE.

I am also reminded to always be prepared as I pack up my Jeep. So I looked back at last months blog post to make sure I don't miss any Jeep essentials.  Jeep Momma's Off Roading Checklist

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Someone Liked My Jeep Video

Besides writing my blog another favorite pastime for me is editing Jeep videos for my YouTube Video Channel -- The Jeep Momma. Some are videos of my off-roading adventures and some are simple installs I have done. One video in particular I put together was explaining the difference between my Sahara and my Rubicon. 

Jeep Sahara vs. Jeep Rubicon --Jeep Momma YouTube Video

When you view a video on You Tube you can give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Most people don't click on either. Well, that video has 8 --- YES EIGHT -- thumbs down. At first this hurt my feelings, then I soon got over it because I like the video. I make the videos for me not for some popularity contest. The best part is when my video or a blog post inspires another person that really makes my day. 

Well... that video -- with EIGHT thumbs down inspired a fellow Jeeper. 

"Nice! your video (in part) convinced me to buy a Rubicon instead of a less expensive Sahara or Sport, I am a very happy 10 day old Wrangler Rubicon U Hard top owner. Probably this is too much of a Off Road vehicle for me, but I have wanted a wrangler for a long time and decided to pull the trigger. thanks for the video, believe it or not, It helped me understand a bit more the differences between the regular jeeps and the rubicon and the 7,000$ switches. Love the podcast show btw, you guys might be the biggest threat to my wallet and bank account. Thanks"

That's what I love so much about the Jeep Community... 

Jeepers helping Jeepers.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

50 Before 50: Checked off #47

Checking them off one by one trying at least one a week. This past weekend I checked of #44, smoke a cigar. My good friend Jessica bought me the cigar back on my birthday. It wasn't anything fancy or expensive because I didn't know if I would like it. The one I picked out was called groovy blue. It actually looked purple that's why I picked it. 

So I lit it up, and took a puff. Felt like I liked an ashtray. Before I lit up, I was worried I would want to pick up the bad smoking habit I had back in my twenties. But nope... not even close. I think I might have enjoyed it more if I was sitting around a fire with a bunch of folks. I do believe cigars go hand in hand with company. 

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Top Off Road Trails and Parks In America has come out with their 2nd annual Top Off Road Trails and Parks in America Guide. 

Last year they reached out to fellow off road enthusiasts for
their top off road trails and parks. Each year they continue to compile and strengthen their list of the top 5 off roading destinations in and around each state. Check out their guide on their website and share your comments. CLICK HERE

My favorite off road park is The Rausch Creek Off Road Park in Tremont, Pennsylvania. I like the wide variety of trails for the off-road beginner. 

They also have several trails for the more experienced Jeeper and of course the hard core rock obstacles. Some day I hope to adventure out to other states and experience off roading around the country.

Share with me your favorite Off Road Park or trail. Send a picture or two, then tell me why it is your favorite. 

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