Thursday, October 8, 2015

Getting Topless: Putting Down the Soft Top Properly

The Perfect Jeep "W"

The Perfect Jeep W

When you go topless in your Jeep it is important to know the proper way to fold back your top to the open position. This will help keep your soft top lasting longer.  There are two positions, the sunrider position where the top is folded back to just above the passenger seat. Then all the way down where the top rests along the tailgate. 

Putting Down that Jeep Soft Top - Are You Doing it Wrong?

I have noticed over the years that there are a lot of Jeep Wrangler owners who don't know anything about the Jeep W. In case you might be a little rusty on the mechanics of the Jeep W here is a little refresher course.  

The Jeep "W" 👉 Watch Here

The Wrong Way

During my travels across the US I have noticed many Jeepers with their tops folded incorrectly like in the picture above. The arms need to lie parallel along the body of the Jeep.

The Soft top all the way down
Jeep Momma putting her top down

Another soft top mistake Jeep Wrangler owners make is the folding of the Jeep Wrangler "W". When folding back your soft top to lay above the passenger seat, which can be a one person job, you need to make sure the fabric of the soft top is pulled away from the bars.

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