Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Airelax Sleep Pad Review - 5 Stars

AIRELAX asked me to try out their sleeping pad. So, I took it on an urban camping adventure with me. I absolutely loved it! Perfect for any camping trip.

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Why I love the Airelax Sleeping Pad

Quick Inflate & Deflate: No need for an extra pump and no mouth blowing! AIRELAX inflatable camping mat comes with with a large capacity pump sack which you use to pump up the sleeping pad. Perfect for primitive camping or backpacking. T

The valve features a convenient double-layer design for easy deflation in seconds. As well as no leakage of air at night.  

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Better Sleep Support: When you lie down on the sleeping
pad, the 3.54" thick height keeps you away from wet ground and hard stones, far away from the cold for a good night's sleep, plus
it's almost silent when you roll over.

Durable Fabric and Good Sealing: The camping pads are made of tear-resistant nylon fabric, peach suede, and eco-friendly TPU. I love how it's a soft fabric not your typical air matress fabric. 

Built-in Pillows Design: The camping sleeping pads for 2 person feature built-in pillows to eliminate the trouble with carrying extra pillows, and air bubble wavy-design for better body and neck support whether you're lying flat or on your side, providing a comfortable sleep for your journey.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Breaking News - New Jeep Product

Photo Courtesy of Stellantis / Jeep
News out of Stellantis Headquarters today. A new performance product released for the JL and JT. A wiper blade kit, a new high performance wiper blade from the Jeep Performance Parts team at Mopar. 

These are the coolest wiper blades ever. I can't believe I didn't think of this. Totally makes sense. Twelve laser cut holes along the wiper blade that allows the wiper fluid to be released directly on the glass of the windshield. No wasted fluid flying up over your Jeep. 

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Clean Sweep: Jeep® Performance Parts Introduces New, High-performance Windshield Wiper Blades

Maybe the Jeep Performance Parts team will design one for the JK / JKU. 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Birth of Jeep

The "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" Jeep 4x4 vehicle became the hero for thousands of Allied soliders around the world in the 1940's. Later becoming the civillian hero for many decades to come as Jeep in now an American Icon. 

During the war the US infantry needed a low-profile, powerful vehicle with four-wheel drive. Three commercial companies put in their bids, American Bantam, Willis Overland Motors, and Ford Motor Company. 

     The Birth of an Icon (Read More) 

Each company was tasked to build a vehicle for testing. In July of 1941 the contract was awarded to Willis using combined parts of all three prototypes. The Willy's MB was born.


WIlly's Quad - Designed by Willis Overland Motors in Toledo, Ohio. This little beast of a machine was powered by it's "Go Devil" engine that produced 61 mph, along with 105 foot pounds of torque. 

Blitz Buggy - Designed by American Bantam out of Butler, 
Pennsylvania. Working with Spicer, one of Bantam's focuses was axles and transfer case. 

Pigmy - Designed by Ford Motor Company. The two Ford pilot vehicles are now sitting in museums. It is said neither the original Bantam Pilot nor the Willys Quad survived. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Trauma Bond - How to Break Free

The term “trauma bond describes how the “misuse of fear, excitement, and sexual feelings,” can be used to trap or entangle another person. Basically trauma bonds happen  when we go through periods of intense love and excitement with a person followed by periods of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment. 

Mental Health Professional equate a Trauma Bond to a Heroin Addiction. 

This cycle of being devalued and then rewarded over and over, creates a strong chemical and hormonal bond between a victim and abuser. This is why victims of abuse often describe feeling more deeply bonded to their abuser than they do to people who actually consistently treat them well.

Most people looking from the outside don't understand why you don't just leave. Well, you know you need to and want to leave someone, but you simply cannot bring yourself to cut them out of your life.

How to Break Free

Educate Yourself.

Get a Therapist to sort it out in your mind.

Go No Contact is imperative for healing.

Focus on healthy bonds, but take care of yourself.

Make yourself the number one priority.

Challenge yourself to do new things.

Take a break from dating.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Setting Boundaries and Apologies

Several years ago I began a journey to find ME. There were
many changes I made to my life and steps I took during this process. It was a process of minimalism... not just getting rid of tangible items but evaluating my time and commitments. I was looking at what was important to me and my goals. I hadn't realized then but I was setting my boundaries. 

Now as I heal, I am learning the importance of setting boundaries for a healthy life and healthy relationships. There are so many more boundaries I need to examine and figure out what works for me. 

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I have started my boundaries checklist. There are many different categories to explore and work on. One of the first that is important for me in my healing process is Apologies & Forgiveness.  

Forgiveness was really hard for me. That is forgiving myself, not others. This is one of the first steps in healing. For the most part I have forgiven myself, but there are days I fall down on this one. 


During those many years ago when I was decluttering my life I realized I wasn't always living my life for me. I spent a lot of time worrying about other people and their feelings. Since then I have learned it is not my job to make sure everyone is happy. We are all responsible for our own happiness. 

I needed to stop taking responsibility for other people's feelings. Too many times I worried about hurting other's feelings and instead neglected mine. I can't control how someone reacts to my opinions or how I live my life. I will not apologize for that. 

Here is a prime example. Years ago I went to one of those wine paint nights with a friend. We both painted our own paintings. We happened to pick a night where the subject of the painting meant something special to her. 

We had a great time that night. I will always cherish those memories. However, I didn't care too much for my painting. For me it was about the time spent with my friend, not the painting. 

Several months later I was in my decluttter mode and had a yard sale. I decided to sell my painting, thinking a painter might be able to reuse the canvas. Instead a young girl loved my painting and asked her mom if she could buy it to put in her bedroom. I told the girl she could have it for free. 

I was so touched by the moment I shared it on Facebook. The friend who shared that paint night with me was so upset. She couldn't believe I would just toss out our friendship like that. That moment was a crossroads for our friendship. 

I honestly don't remember if I apologized for getting rid of the painting but I did share I wasn't throwing away our friendship. She couldn't let it go and now we are no longer friends. (there were other issues after this as well).

For a long time losing that friendship bothered me. It was a real struggle to come to terms with. Some days I felt like a bad person. Now I am on a path to self love. I realize the self loathing I held onto was a waste of time because it is not my responsibility how someone reacts to me living my best life. 

This article is a great article on apologies.  Click Here

Giving Myself Grace - Learning to Let Go

I look back at my last relationship with embarrassment. Some
days there is a lot of anger with myself because I didn't see the red flags or maybe I did and ignored them. Other people saw the red flags and warned me. I didn't listen. 

I think how could I have been so blind to miss those red flags. I wonder what was wrong with me. I hear this a lot from others who are in or have been in manipulative relationships. 

I need to understand I am in the present and viewing my past with an awareness and clarity I didn't have before. I need to stop beating myself up over the past and give myself some grace. I was being manipulated, gaslit, and lied to by the person I loved. I need to learn from the past but not harbor anger with myself. 

Giving yourself grace means giving yourself permission to
forgive your mistakes, lapses in judgment and hurtful behavior because no one is perfect. It's a mindset to be kind to myself instead of critical. At the same time reflecting and learning from these mistakes help you with personal growth. 

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