Friday, July 9, 2021

Top 5 Must Do's When You Go Camping

Camping Regenerates Your Soul

One of my campsites with an amazing view. 

Over time I have learned less is better when you go camping, as long as you are smart about what you pack. Everyone has different needs and wants, so it takes practice to figure out what works and what doesn’t for you. 

Must haves for me are a pillow, good sleeping bag, tent, camp chair, cast iron pan, and grate to cook on over the fire. Of course, food and water, but that is a given. What I have discovered is there is such a thing as bringing too much stuff. You don't want your adventure to be another chore. The less to set up or clean or pack up means more time relaxing and enjoying the moments. 

Top 5 Must Do's When You Are Camping 👉 Watch Here

Top 5 "Must Do" Moments when Camping

Take in the Sunset  Get your camp chair and chill watching the sunse

Stargaze  Once the sun sets and the fire dies down look up at the sky and take in all those stars. It will blow your mind, out in the middle of nowhere in the dark, all those stars in the sky.

Campfire Breakfast  When you get up in the morning a breakfast cooked over the fire is a must. Bacon and eggs first thing in the morning out in the middle of nowhere is amazing.

Make a Campfire Camping is not the same without a campfire. Sit in your camp chair and watch the fire dance. 

A view of an amazing scene from inside the tent. 

Morning Chill In the morning before your amazing breakfast just lay there in your sleeping bag looking out your tent at the amazing beauty around you. Take it all in… deep breaths.

Camping and nature is so good for your soul. It takes away the stress if you do it right. I also helps you think more clearly. The best way to figure out what works for you to go out and do it. You will make mistakes and forget things. That’s how you learn what works for you. 


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