Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jeep Soft Top Window Roll

I'm a stay at home mom in my late 40's - having left my career in television news almost 14 years ago to take care of my son.  Now, both my boys are getting older, and don't seem to need me as much. Television news has passed me by in this new age of technology. Lately I've been struggling with where I am in life -- not feeling I'm putting in my fair share for the family. I get a little down sometimes trying to figure it all out... what do I do now.

Well today... It was time to take all the windows off my Jeep.

Roll them up in my new Window Roll.

You don't want to fold the vinyl windows, you know. 

The felt fabric roll protects the windows from scratches and creases.

It rolls up easy. 

And goes into a storage sleeve you can hook up right to the soft top.


Then it was time to fold the soft top all the way down with a little help from my husband.

Then off the to pool with my youngest for an afternoon of relaxation and pizza for dinner.  Nothing beats spending time with my kids.

A little time in my Jeep with the top down -- looking up into the blue sky helps put everything back into perspective. Life is to short on this planet -- I need to cherish the time I have with my children and savor every moment with them -- and my new Jeep ;)

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