Friday, July 5, 2013

Top 10 Jeep Mom Must Haves

I'm a wife and mother of two active boys. I've gave up my career in television news to be able to stay at home and raise my boys. It has been a fulfilling journey, one I would never change.  Now that my boys are growing up and becoming more independent, I find myself wondering where I fit into the picture. I'm in my 40's and going through some mid-life changes physically (and mentally).  Some days can be pretty rough on my mental health. I have spent a lot of time trying to find a new place -for me. Buying and being a new owner of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has made a huge impact on my mental health. Being part of the Jeep Club gave me the boost I needed to start on the next journey in my life.

Here are the top 10 things every Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Mom going through Mid-life Changes must have (in no particular order).

Top 10 Things Every Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Mom Must Have

1. A hat (straw or baseball) we must be able to see while driving. The hat keeps our hair from flying all over the place while the top is down.

2. Sunglasses this one is obvious. They make you look cool! 

3. A gym membership this is very important for you physical and mental well being.  Especially for women in their 40's. Our bodies are changing and are not able to process foods the same as when we were younger.  We need to maintain physical activity, cardio and strength training, to be able to stay in good physical shape.  Eating healthy foods are also a must. Not only do these things help our physical well being they play an important part in our mental well being too. With our hormones all over the place this can sometimes help our mood swings. Notice I said sometimes.

4. Water Bottle drinking water is important for everyone, but especially women over 40.  I read in Women's Health magazine that women over 40 should be getting 11 8 ounce glasses of fluid every day.  I like the water bottle with the flip open straw.  This also is good while you are off roadin' and the water bottle tips over.  The water won't spill out.

 5. Victoria Secret Yoga Pants I love my Victoria's Secret Yoga Pants.  I have two pair, one black and one gray.  They are perfect for working out and perfect for lounging around the house.  They are so comfortable and look good! 

 6. I-phone so you can download the Pandora App and play all your favorite songs while driving your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the top down.

7. Pandora App This is a free app in the I-tunes store and I have selected all my favorite bands.  AC/DC, Boston, Green Day, Black Eyed-Peas, 3 Doors Down, Matchbox 20, SR-71 are just to name a few. 

8. Aux Connection Cord This cord allows me to plug my Iphone into the speakers of the Jeep. I am in control of the music I want to listen to when I want to listen to it.

 9. Jeep T-shirt it doesn't matter what kind of Jeep shirt but any shirt that mentions Jeep works.

10. The Weather Channel App This is an important app to have when you are the owner of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with a soft top.  You need to know when it's going to rain.  However, I'm told as a Jeep owner it doesn't matter if the interior of your Jeep get's wet, it's meant to get wet. I'm not ready for that step yet. 

 Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
Happy Trails!  

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