Friday, July 5, 2013

10 Jeep Mom Must-Have Accessories

Myself and My Jeep
(Updated January 2024) 
Top 5 Jeep Mom Accessories 👉 Watch Here

Must-Have: Hat & Sunglasses

Hat (straw or baseball)

We must be able to see while driving. The hat keeps our hair from flying all over the place while the top is down.


When the top is down the sun is a little stronger.

EK Sports Grab Handles

Grab Handles 

I have purple grab handles on my roll bar and a set of Wild Boar ones on my A-pillar. These come in handy when you have a lifted Jeep. 

EK Sports Grab Handles 👉 Buy Here

Wild Boar A pillar Grab Handles 👉 Buy Here

Dual Drink Cup Holder 

Upgraded Drink Holder

I like my new cup holder because of the place for trash, but the best part is the cup holders are separated. Now my kids won't fight about each other's drink is touching the others. 

Mechanix Gloves

Mechanix Gloves 

These are great to have to help keep your hands free from cuts and give you that extra grip you may need when you are out wrenching on your Jeep. 

Mechanix Gloves Buy Here

Rugged Ridge Floor Mats

Rugged Ridge Floor Mats

A must to help keep your interior clean from juice spills or dirt and snow. Easy to take out and clean up.

Rugged Ridge Floor Mat Review 👉 Read More

Rugged Ridge Floor Mats  👉 Buy Here

Water Bottle with Straw

Water Bottle

Drinking water is important for everyone, especially women over 40. Women's Health magazine states that women over 40 should be getting eleven 8-ounce glasses of fluid every day. I like the water bottle with the flip-open straw.  This also is good while you are off-roading and the water bottle tips over.  The water won't spill out.

Jeep Water Bottle 👉 Buy Here

Recovery Kit

Mine consists of 2 shackles, a tow strap, a tree saver, tools, a snatch block, gloves, soft shackles, and a fire extinguisher. 

Jeep Momma's Off-Road Recovery Kit - 👉 Read More

My Jeep in the garage

Sporting my Jeepoholic Tee

Jeep T-shirt 

It doesn't matter what kind of Jeep shirt but any shirt that mentions Jeep or adventure or exploring will work.

Molle Seat Back Panel

Molle Seat Back Panel

A storage solution for keeping items for your little passengers in the back, like toys & snacks.

Molle Seat Back Panel 👉 Buy Here

My Jeep sporting the Spyderweb Shade

Spider Web Shade

The Spider Web shade is great for those sunny days when you want to go topless. Then if you decide to put the top up you can store extra blankets or coats.

Spiderweb Shade 👉 Buy Here

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