Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stress-Busting Tips!

My theme this year has been all about "Getting Healthy" and enjoying life.   Getting healthy has many facets -- eating right -- getting outdoors -- exercise -- being happy.  Another way is to reduce stress. There are so many levels of stress and so many things that trigger stress. Stress is unique to each individual. So there is no one right way to reduce the stress. We all need to find our own steps to reducing stress.  I have spent the past couple of months taking steps to reduce my own stress.

Step 1 -- What triggers my stress?  I made a list of the top 5 things that gave me stress.

My Top 5 things that stress me out!
Volunteering: I say yes way too much, so I'm learning to say no. I also cut my volunteering time in half.
Dinner: I stressed to much about what to make for dinner each night.  So once a week I plan out a menu, write it on the calendar and shop once a week for the food. 
Money: my new goal is to be more frugal.  We sat down as a family and found ten ways to be more conservative with our money.
My health: I now eat right, exercise and have fun.
Clutter: I can't stand to have "stuff" everywhere.  So once a month I take a day to purge.  Now I'm finding things I can re-sell & donate. This also helps with the money issue.

Step 2 -- Get rid of the things that gave me stress.

Step 3 -- If I couldn't get rid of the things that gave me stress I made a list of the top 5 things that could take away the stress.

My Top 5 Stress-busters

1. Topless Jeep driving -- especially on a sunny day.  The sun in you face and the wind in your hair always does the trick.
2. Getting a facial -- it's ten times better than any back massage.
3. Listening to music -- it works even better when you combine it with number one.

4.  Wearing comfortable cloths --my favorites are my Victoria's Secret Yoga pants and the other intimate items they sell in their stores!

5. A hot bubble bath always relaxes the muscles and sooths the mind.  My favorite scents are anti-stress, lavender, citrus and chamomile.

There is so much out their in the world that can cause stress.  We just need to be aware of what is causing our stress and to stay away from it.  If you can't stay away find the things that will make you happy, even if for a short period of time.

Life is too short to spend it being stressed and unhappy! Find the things that make you happy and Just Do It!

                     - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life! - 

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