Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Leftover Jeep Parts

Do you find when you take something apart and put it back together there is always that part or those parts that are left over and you don't know what to do with them? 

Or you wonder where they went in the first place and what they were for? 

This past weekend was full of "Do it Yourself Projects" for us. We had two -- and with both there were extra leftover pieces. 

We took apart our front walkway to straighten up some of the shifting slate. After putting all the pieces back together we had some extras. Not sure how that happened. But I guess it's just the law of "Do it Yourself Projects".

Now with the installation of my new Bad Ass Steel -- it ain't craptastic plastic anymore -- bumper, Barricade Trail Force HD bumper,  I had no where to put this plastic shield. I didn't even know what it was called. Nor did I know what it was for.

At first I thought maybe it was to protect my Jeep from rocks when off roading. But that just seemed kinda lame as it's plastic and rocks are --- well ROCKS!

So after a little google time I figured out this piece of plastic is called an Air Dam. So what the heck does it do? Do I really need it?

Here's what I learned... Now it's all from the internet so it must be true -- Right?!

  • The Air Dam will stop some water from getting into your engine. Some water? what about the other water? I guess the "other" water doesn't hurt your engine. But without the Air Dam "some" water will damage it.
  • The Air Dam provides additional cooling to your engine. Honestly, I didn't know your engine needed cooling with air. I thought that's what a radiator and coolant was for. What do I know?
  • Removal of the Air Dam will create hood "flutter".  Hood "flutter" -- Death "wobble" Jeez they never told me this when I bought my Jeep. It's making me a little nervous.
  • The removal of the Air Dam will lower your MPG by 1 or 2 points. 
  • The Air Dam will protect from flying debris into your engine.
  • Now I also heard from my sisters, cousin's, brother's father that he read on a forum that a Wrangler engineer says the Air Dam does two things: reduced air drag and provides engine cooling. 
My best guess is that since they named it Air Dam it has something to do with the aerodynamics. Otherwise wouldn't they call it a rock deflector or water dam if it prevented those other things.

So I think I can handle a couple less MPG's but this hood "flutter" at 80 mph scares me. Wait a minute that would be speeding and I don't speed. 

So will I experience hood "Flutter" at 65 mph? 
So who has experienced hood "flutter"? 
Do you have your Air Dam in place? 
Have you replaced your stock hood latches?
What the heck are Wrangler stock dog bones?  

Now -- the second part to all this... Body Armour -- do I get a metal front skid plate? Remember, I don't think my Jeep will be doing any major rock crawling anytime soon. Plus, won't this add some extra weight to the Jeep?

Ahhhhh!!!  Will my questions ever end? 

   -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

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