Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blue Trail Adventure

Setting an objective for myself, and going out to achieve it is my new mission. Waiting around for life to happen is not how I decided I am going to live my life. Now it is all about making things happen. 

One of those objectives is to be able to tackle some of the blue trails at Rausch Creek Off Road Park in my stock JKU Rubicon. I have already been on several of the green trails, which are the easiest trails at the park. 

Some of the blue trails are quite difficult for a stock Jeep as far as clearance goes, but there are some I can get through by going slow and steady expecting some scraping and banging along the way. 

So, last Sunday I trusted a fellow Jeeper to help guide me through some of those blue trails. We picked just a couple of the easier blue trails for my first time. My goal is to become confidant at driving off road picking my lines and successfully
tackling the trails before I begin to modifying my Jeep with a lift.  I feel it will make me a better driver on the rocks. 

I had a great time testing my limits and gaining the confidence I need. It is not the confidence in my Rubicon but the confidence in myself that I lack right now. 

There is still the fear of breaking my daily driver that sits in the back of my head. Plus, I think it is good I don't get too cocky and let my guard down. 

I realized I don't like driving through water obstacles. You just can't tell what is lurking just below the surface. Just like in this video I posted on my Jeep Momma You Tube Channel

I was able to tackle the Tip Top blue Trail. It always looks much more difficult from behind the wheel than it does in the videos. Every time I am able to tackle one of these obstacles my confidence improves. 

I need to know my limits and my Rubicon's limits and not taking unnecessary chances for any sort of damage. Right now some of the green trails are still a challenge for me so I don't need to prove anything to myself by taking chances. I realized it is okay to take a by-pass or just back up and not take a trail I am not comfortable with like here in this video on my Jeep Momma You Tube Channel

I was very impressed I was able to conquer some rocky steps on the C Blue trail on Rausch Creeks East property as seen in this video on my Jeep Momma You Tube channel.  

I am sure I could accomplish a lot more if I just had the confidence in myself and relaxed. I am looking forward to heading out again real soon. 

     - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life! - 

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