Monday, May 4, 2015

Peanut Butter on my Jeep!

A couple of weeks ago I waxed my Jeep.  It seems I wasn't
as careful as I thought, and some of the wax got on the plastic fenders. It stained them a dull white. I tried washing off the wax, but it still remained on the fenders. I used Mother's Brazilian Carnauba wax which apparently is not good for plastics.  I found some suggestions of using Meguiars or Zaino.  I will have to test those out the next time "Plum Crazy" needs a wax.

But in the mean time, I needed to find a way to get the wax of the plastic fenders. So I went in search of a solution on the World Wide Web.  Many products and items were suggested, some I had in my home. So before I went out and bought expensive auto care products I decided to test the products I had in my house. 

First was a regular old pink eraser. 


Next was Simple Green.  At first it looked like this would work, but after the fender dried the stain came back.  


Mr. Clean Eraser sponge was next, which I thought for sure would work. I use these in my house all the time and they are fabulous. Again once the plastic fender dried the stains came back. 

Then I tried the leather conditioner.  It seemed to work.  Even though the leather conditioner looked like it worked I was curious about the peanut butter so I put it to the test. WOW! It disappeared with the first smudge of the peanut butter. But you could see where the peanut butter was applied. So I decided to give the fenders a good soapy wash.  I also needed to get the peanut butter smell off the fenders for the feat of squirrels trying to eat the fender, which could happen in our neighborhood. We had squirrels eat through our plastic garbage can. 

So after the good soapy wash of the fenders, I noticed the
spots, I used the leather conditioner on, were back. So...I broke out the peanut butter again. Then I gave all the fenders a good layer of Armor All.  We will see if the peanut butter and Armor All does the job. In the morning, I will give her a good inspection. 

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