Monday, May 4, 2015

Wax on Plastic Fender Solutions

Try Peanut Butter, They Said!

Wax on fenders

Back in 2015 I decided to wax my Jeep. I wasn't as careful as I thought, and some of the wax got on the plastic fenders. It stained them a dull white. I tried washing off the wax, but it still remained on the fenders. I used Mother's Brazilian Carnauba wax which apparently is not good for plastics. 

Plastic Fender Mythbusters 👉Watch Here

Looking for a Solution

products suggested that could remove wax on fender

I went in search for a solution. Many products were suggested. Some were right in my cupboards. Before I bought expensive auto care products I tested the products I had in my house. 

FAIL: Pink Eraser

FAIL: Mr. Clean Eraser Sponge 

Leather condition and Simple Green were suggested and both were a fail. I put peanut butter to the test. The wax disappeared with the first smudge of peanut butter. However, after the next soapy Jeep wash the wax came back. 

FAIL: Peanut Butter

FAIL: Dawn Dish Soap

Wax & Mud Stained Plastic Fenders

Not only are there wax stains on all my fenders, but mud stains as well. Not just any mud either. Coal dust mud, if that is such a thing. The Off-road park I frequent is in the Pennsylvania mountains on an old coal mine. The mud and muddy waters up there can stain those plastic fenders if you don't get the mud off immediately with some good soap and water. 

Mothers Back to Black 

I decided to try Mothers Back to Black. It is a heavy duty trim cleaner that  provides cleaning ability and restoration. The bottle filled with a soap like gel comes with the scrub brush.

using a brush to put on Mothers Back to Black

 Squirt the liquid on the brush, scrub back and forth,  then wipe the excess off with a microfiber cloth. 

Mother's Back to Black comparison

The wax disappeared! My fenders look new. The mud stains are gone as well. Now the real test. The test of time. After two weeks the Back to Black is still holding the stains at bay. 

Mothers Back to black 👉 Buy Here

Fender after Mother's Back to Black

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