Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Shift Your Jeep into 4 Low

How to Shift into 4 Wheel Drive

In the past I had a hard time shifting into 4L when I was on the trails. Every time my gears would grind which told me I was doing it wrong. I tried several different ways but the grinding continued. It was stressful every time I would go to shift to 4 low because I was nervous about ruining the gears.

I had several off-roaders show me the right way which coincides with the Jeep manual.

How to Shift Your Jeep Wrangler into 4WD 👉 Watch Here

When to Shift to 4 Lo and 4 High 👉 Watch Here

3 EASY Steps to Shifting your JK or JKU to 4Lo

Step 1: While in Drive shift your transfer case to 4H.

Step 2: Once in 4H shift your transmission shifter into N

Step 3: Now shift your transfer case shifter from 4Hi thru N to 4L.  

It is possible to shift into our of of 4L with the vehicle completely stopped. However, it could be difficult because the teeth aren't properly aligned. Several attempts may be needed and a slow roll between 1 and 5 mph in neutral might be needed.  Also shift quickly, don't drag it out. Some Jeeps engage better while slightly moving, and others lock in while stopped. 

The Jeep manual reads:

"With the vehicle rolling at 2 to 3 mph (3 to 5 km/h), shift an automatic transmission to Neutral or depress the clutch pedal on a manual transmission. While the vehicle is coasting at to 3 mph (3 to 5 km/h), shift the transfer case lever firmly through Neutral and into the low-range position."

"Shifting into or out of 4WD low-range is possible with the vehicle completely stopped, however, difficulty may occur due to the teeth of the gears not being properly aligned. The preferred method to engage the low-range is to slow down to 2 to 3 mph (3 to 5 km/h) and put the transmission in Neutral. While still moving forward, move the shift lever firmly into the four-low position. Then return the transmission to the desired gear. Refer to your owner's manual for detailed instructions."

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