Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Muddy Trail Off-Road Tips

What To Do When You Encounter Muddy Trails

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

I am not a fan of driving my Jeep through mud and avoid it as much as possible. However, you never know what you will encounter out on the trails. So you should always be prepared. 

Mud can be a fun challenge on an off-road trail, but you need to be cautious so you don't damage your Jeep. Just like water mud can sometimes take us by surprise with the hidden debris that lurks in the mud. Plus, the depth of the mud can be hard to judge. 

It’s messy and not good for those Jeep parts. 

Jeep Momma's Ultimate Mud Guide Video 👉  Click Here

Jeep Momma's Top 5 Wheeling in the Mud Tips

  • If you plan on making mudding your thing, tires are very important along with good ground clearance and protection of your undercarriage such as skid plates. Get proper tires with an aggressive tread pattern designed for mud.
  • If you know you are going to encounter mud airing down your tires is a good idea. Lowering your tire pressure will increase the contact patch and improve traction. It allows the tires to mold and conform to the uneven surface improving the grip in the mud.
  • Use momentum wisely. If possible watch the vehicle in front of you to get an idea how fast you need to go. Maintain a consistent speed when driving through the mud. Gradual acceleration and controlled momentum help maintain traction and can help from getting bogged down in the mud. Avoid excessive speed as that can lead to loss of control.
  • Have your tow strap hooked to your vehicle before entering the mud. That way if you get stuck it could make your recovery easier.
  • After your time in the mud a must is to clean your Jeep before the mud has a chance to dry and harden. Dried mud can affect your tire balance and could trap heat in your transmission.
  • Don't wheel alone, take another vehicle that can pull you out if you get stuck.
  • Don't cross the mud if there are no tracks on the other side 
  • Avoid excessively spinning the tires.
  • Beware of the middle of deep ruts where you could high-center.
  • If you start to get bogged down, slightly turn your steering wheel from side to side to gain more traction while continuing to move forward
  • Pressure wash the undercarriage when you get back. This helps prevent corrosion and excess weight on your Jeep.

Remember mud can be unpredictable so prioritize safety and the protection of your Jeep. Make sure you are prepared with the proper recovery equipment too.

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