Friday, August 14, 2015

Jeep Rear Bumper Install

Barricade Trailforce HD Rear Bumper 

Jeep Momma removing factory bumper. 

One of my first modifications to my Jeep was the Barricade Trailforce HD front bumper. I went with this bumper for three reasons: cost, ease of install and tow points. Once I installed the bumper, Extreme Terrain took notice and sent me the rear matching bumper in exchange for blog post on the installation.  

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Barricade Rear Bumper for the Jeep Wrangler 👉 Buy Here

UPS delivering my new bumper. 

The rear bumper arrived quickly from my favorite delivery guy in the Big Brown Truck.  

Unboxing my new bumper.

The rear bumper came in a big, sturdy box, and was well wrapped with all the parts. The tire carrier arrived in another box, and again it was well wrapped. This bumper weighs 110 lbs, and the tire carrier weighs 49 pounds. 

I was concerned about the rear end of the Jeep sagging and losing clearance, so I decided to measure from my muffler and the rear axle. The good news is, once I installed all the parts, and put the spare tire back on, it did not drop anything from my measurements.

My spare tire on the factory bumper. 

Factory Bumper Removal

Step 1

The first thing I did was remove the spare tire and set it aside. 

Step 2

Then I disassembled the factory spare tire mount from the tailgate. It was very simple. All I needed was a 13 mm socket, and it came right off. The bolts were not on too tight where I couldn't get them off. 

Removal of factory spare tire mount. 

Step 3

On the inside of the tailgate is a black plastic panel where the wiring harness is housed for the brake lights. I unplugged the 3rd brake light wires from the brake lights. 

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Unplugging 3rd brake light.

Step 4 

Next was the removal of the factory rear bumper. It was pretty easy. First, I removed the four 15 mm bolts, two on each side. There are also two more bolts on the frame near the muffler as well.   

Jeep Momma removing factory bumper bolts. 

Step 5

Now it was time to pull off the factory rear bumper. This was a little tricky. You needed to maneuver the bumper so you could slide it out from the fenders. But it wasn't too difficult. 

Jeep Momma pulling off the factory bumper. 

Step 6

The last step I needed to complete before I was able to install my new Barricade Trailforce HD Bumper with Tire Carrier was to remove the factory tow hitch. I thought this would be pretty simple. But it wasn't. The rear bumper bolts weren't that tight, so I figured these would be pretty easy. But these bolts are very difficult to get off. So I had to get help with these bolts. 

Jeep factory tow hitch

Rear bumper removed from rear of Jeep. 

Once the factory bumper was removed, it was a pretty simple process to install the my new rear bumper. 

Barricade Rear Bumper Install

Step 1

First, I attached the mounting bracket to the inner side of the rear bumper support beam. These bolts are about 5 inches long. It was a tight space in between the muffler and the  support beam. By slightly pushing up on the cover over the muffler, the bolts will slide in.  


Aligning mounting brackets.

Step 2

Then I slid the L-Shaped mounting brackets into the frame rails with the nut backing up to the pre-drilled holes in the frame. All the parts fit to the existing holes all ready on the frame. There was no drilling necessary. 

Aligning mounting brackets. 

Step 3

Now it was time to slide my new rear bumper over the brackets and bolts I set into place. However, it was all hands on deck for this one. This is something that needed two people. The rear bumper weighs 110 pounds. I called in help to lift the rear bumper, as I guided it into the bolts that were attached to the support beam. It took some adjustments, but we eventually got it into place. Unfortunately -- there are no pictures of this step as my photographer had gone off to play with his friends -- my nine year old son.

Step 4 

Once the bumper was on it was time to thread the supplied bolts to the side bumper support and tighten.

Jeep Momma tightening bolts. 

Step 5

Then I crawled under the Jeep and threaded the nuts onto the bolts and began to tighten all four bolts. 

Jeep Momma installing rear bumper. 

Step 6

Now that the rear bumper was installed and secure, it was time to get the tire carrier gate installed. First make sure you pull the plastic off the post. It is also good idea to add some grease to the post for a smoother operation. To secure the gate on the post I added the cap and secured it with the allen-head bolt. 

Installing the swing gate for the tire carrier. 

Step 7

Next up was the tire carrier gate latch. I slide the latch into the end of the swing arm and secured it with the two supplied bolts and nuts. 

Step 8

Finally, the last step -- install the rear tire carrier by securing it to the rear swing arm. Then adjust it to the desired height. 

My new rear bumper.

All I had to do was loosen the bolts and slide the piece out and the tire now sits at the right height. I'm thinking I might need to get those shackles painted purple now.

Adjusting the tire carrier mount. 

 ExtremeTerrain provided the rear bumper with tire carrier for review. No additional compensation received.  All opinions are my own. 

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