Tuesday, August 18, 2015

3rd Brake Light Install

Last week I told you about my new rear bumper install.

Jeep Momma Rear Bumper Install Blog Post - 10-14-15 

As I was taking off the factory bumper, spare tire mount and third brake light, I realized I wouldn't be able to put that factory 3rd brake light back on my Jeep Wrangler. 

So I went in search of an after market 3rd brake light. I found one at ExtremeTerrain.com -- The Barricade Adjustable Brake Light Bracket w/LED light. I ordered the part, and it arrived the next day. 

This install was a pretty simple install once I figured out the wiring. First, I needed the factory wiring harness, which I had all ready removed from the old brake light.

With an Allen Wrench I removed the LED light adjustable bracket from the mount. 

Then bolted it to the pre-drilled holes for the factory spare tire mount. 

Now it was time to wire up the LED light to the factory wiring harness.  I needed to cut the factory brake light wires at the plug and connect those wires to the LED wires. However I was a little puzzled. The LED has three wires and the harness had too. 

The directions stated -- Connect the black factory wire to the white LED light wire and the white/orange factory wire to the red LED light wire. There was still the third black wire. I didn't know what to do with this wire. I was told to just secure it with heat shrink and leave it so that is what I did.

I'm told by a fellow Jeeper this is a standard STT trailer light used with this application. That is because they are inexpensive, readily available and mount easily with the grommet. These lights have a circuit for running lights and turn signal/stop. Hence the name STT - Stop Turn Tail.

Now you could attach these wires with butt connectors.  But I decided to solder, heat shrink and liquid tape them together. Just like I learned when I wired up my Raxion LED lights. 

Jeep Momma Raxiom LED Light Install Blog Post -- 3-19-15

Once all the wires were connected, I inserted Insert the LED 3rd brake light into the adjustable bracket with a firm push.

Then attached the brake light bracket to the mount attached to the tailgate.

I had to get creative with the wires by running the wiring harness down the bracket to the hole in the tailgate. Then plugged the wires back into the brake lights. 

Now it was time to test it out. Of course all was good thanks again with the help of fellow Jeepers. 

You will notice that the 4 LED's in the middle don't light up. That is because the black wire is not hooked up. It doesn't need to be because the light is bright enough with the outside LED's. I'm told it will not make a difference in the brightness either way. 

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