Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Purple Interior Completed!

The weather was warm enough this past weekend to finally finish up painting the interior accents in my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

The air vents can be a little tricky to take off if you don't know the secret. Before any sort of work I do on my Jeep, I first hit up You Tube videos. I was lucky enough to find this video that helped me to get the silver vent rings off.

Tools Needed: 

1 Flat head screwdriver


Just make sure you don't grab the flashlight your kids used as a Batman signal. 

First locate the hole inside the vent and line up with another hole in the casing by turning the vent. Then use the flat head screwdriver by inserting it in the hole to push down on a lever. Then turn the vent counter-clockwise and pull.  This does take a couple of tries before you get the feel for it. Once you figure it out it is pretty easy. 

The flashlight will help you align up the holes which are near the top of the vent on the inside. 

Once you remove the vent insert, gently place the screwdriver under -- so slightly -- to pop the silver tab. Do this with all the tabs around the ring. 

Then it's time to paint them. I used a paint + primer, Valspar premium finish with micromist spray.

After you let the rings dry it's time to put them back on. First you line up the tabs, then snap them into place. 

Next you align the vent with the Jeep letters at about the 11 o'clock position. The  vent should slide into place. One the vent is in place you turn it clock-wise to lock it into place.   

A simple, easy Jeep Project to give your Jeep your own unique look.

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