Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Add Color to Your Jeep

Purple Interior Completed! DIY Color Tips

Here are some quick, inexpensive do-it-yourself color ideas to add a pop of color to your Jeep. 

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Interior Accents

Step 1 Remove Door Accents 

I wanted to add some purple highlights to the interior of my Jeep. I started with the door accents and then moved on to the air vent covers. The door accents are pretty simple to take off. You need a torx screwdriver. 

Jeep Torx Screwdriver 👉 Buy Here

Jeep Torx Screwdriver

Step 2 Spray Paint

Painting the accents purple

Step 3 Air Dry & Reinstall

purple door accent

Step 4 Air Vents 

The removal of the air vents can be tricky. I found a YouTube Video to help. 
Jeep Air Vent Removal 👉 Watch Here

purple interior accents

Tools Needed

Flat head screwdriver & Flashlight

removing air vent

First locate the hole inside the vent and line up with another hole in the casing by turning the vent. Then use the flat head screwdriver by inserting it in the hole to push down on a lever. Then turn the vent counter-clockwise and pull.  This does take a couple of tries before you get the feel for it. Once you figure it out it is pretty easy. 

Jeep air vent

The flashlight will help you align up the holes which are near the top of the vent on the inside. 

Air vent tab

Once you remove the vent insert, gently place the screwdriver under -- so slightly -- to pop the silver tab. Do this with all the tabs around the ring. 

Air vent ring painted purple

Then it's time to paint them. I used a paint and primer, Valspar premium finish with micromist spray. After you let the rings dry it's time to put them back on. First you line up the tabs, then snap them into place. 

Purple air vent ring

Next you align the vent with the Jeep letters at about the 11 o'clock position. The  vent should slide into place. One the vent is in place you turn it clock-wise to lock it into place.  

purple interior accents

7 Simple Steps to Add Color to Your Jeep Hood

Open Your Hood

Under Jeep hood

Step 2

Lift the Tabs Holding Down the Material Under Your Hood. 

Step 3

Remove the necessary plastic tabs to get at the washer nut combo of the hood windshield hold down bracket or Footman loop. 

Pliers and plastic tabs


You might need a pliers to help pull out the plastic tabs.

I like to find a special spot to put my hardware when I am working on my Jeep. This prevents me from loosing important pieces. 

footman loop back

Using a 9mm socket, remove the two washer net combos from the screws of the footman loop. 

footman loop

 Remove the loop and tape of the parts you don't want colored. 

painting footman loop

Spray the footmans loop with a spray paint meant for plastic. 

Re-Attach the Footman Loop and Plastic tabs. TIP 3: If there is no one there to hold the footman loop while you put back the washer nut combo, tape it down to the Jeep like I did.

purple footman loop

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