Monday, May 9, 2016

Drain Plugs

Looking Forward to More Sun!

Our weather has been nothing but cold, rainy days. It really puts a damper on your mood. I don't know how folks in the Northeast deal. But finally... this weekend the sun appeared! Something we all really needed. Especially my Jeep. 

I was being a little stubborn with Mother Nature, and refusing to put my windows on the rear of my Jeep for the past two months. Unfortunately, Mother Nature won. Kind of...  Once the sun came out I decided to dry out the back of my Jeep.

Little did I realize the rain water pooled in my Jeep's trunk, the storage area for my jack, and under the rear seats. I remember other Jeepers talk about drain plugs, so I went in search of mine. In the trunk and the jack storage space, they were easy to find.

However, the ones under the seat were a little more work. 

All in all, so far, I have found 8 drain plugs.

One in the Jeep Trunk
One in the Jack Storage space
Two under the rear seats
Two in the rear foot wells
Two in the front foot wells

Thankfully the sun came out, so I was able to dry out my carpet. However, I am considering taking all the carpet out of my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and bed-lining my Jeep. We will see. First, I need to get that lift, tires and wheels done.

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